Tom Woods Supports The Evisceration of What Was Once The Republic

Bitcoin Myth #1 – Bitcoins are Anonymous by Bitcoins Anonymous

Thomas E Woods– Deceiver, Enemy to the Constitution

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Why Tom Woods is wrong about the Greenbackers
We could print enough debt free paper money to pay off the National Debt. This Debt is entirely credit based, for every debt free dollar we print, a credit based dollar would go out of circulation. Meaning: no inflation.

What is a Congressman Actually Worth?

They (Congressmen) are Prostitutes

Recent statistics show that during the 2012 elections the financial services sector contributed $104,938,698.00 to both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives and 42 million in the Senate, what is a congressman actually worth? ~LaRouche PAC

Video Source: Larouche Youth

Free Ride for JPMorgan Chase Triggers Calls for Glass-Steagall
“When our biggest financial institutions are so large that even the federal government fears prosecuting them, we know they have some serious political and economic power. By reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, Wall Street banks would have to be separated into commercial and investment banking once again, thus reducing their economic and political clout.

Thomas Jefferson On “Paper Money,” Reset

Until you really understand the history, words and the context of Thomas Jefferson’s letter to J.W. Eppes in 1813, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes people have made, by ignoring those words, for the past 200 years.

Jefferson Memorial

“Paper money is liable to be abused, has been, is, and forever will be abused, in every country in which it is permitted.” … “Paper is already at a term of abuse in these States, which has never been reached by any other nation, France excepted, whose dreadful catastrophe should be a warning against the instrument which produced it.” … “The unlimited emission of bank paper has banished all Great Britain’s specie, and is now, by a depreciation acknowledged by her own statesmen, carrying her rapidly to bankruptcy, as it did France, as it did us, and will do us again, and every country permitting paper money to be circulated, other than that by public authority, rigorously limited to the just measure for circulation.” … “When I speak comparatively of the paper emission of the old Congress and the present banks, let it not be imagined that I cover them under the same mantle. The object of the former was a holy one; for if ever there was a holy war it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence. The object of the latter is to enrich swindlers at the expense of the honest and industrious part of the nation.” — To J.W. Eppes, 1813

Currency Debate Intensifies: Paper Vs. Gold
“Gold has been controlled ever since Central Banks started to make their impact, starting at the Amsterdamsche Wisselbank in the 17th century. The controllers of Gold will NEVER allow their Gold to be used as currency without interest.”