KrisAnne Hall: What Does Scalia’s Death Mean Constitutionally?

What would Madison or Jefferson say about a new Justice? What does Scalia’s death mean Constitutionally? How should we proceed? What kind of judge are we looking for? Asking the proper questions to get the Constitutional answers. Subscribe to the KrisAnne Hall YouTube Channel Jefferson on Government “The Constitution… meant that its coordinate branches should […]

Trump Can’t Fix This


Loretta E. Lynch Lies at Press Conference Announcing Complaint Against the State of NC

Loretta Lynch gave a press conference regarding the DOJ’s attack on the Sovereignty of the State of NC. Not surprising, it is full of lies. Know the lies so we can take back the narrative from those will blindly follow this pathological tyrant. Subscribe to the KrisAnne Hall YouTube Channel Visit the Liberty First Gift […]

Justice Roberts Unilaterally Backs Obama EPA Over States

It’s not about the environment, it’s about the EPA maintaining power and funding. Paying the fines cheaper, than fixing environment.

Natural Law – Putting Power in the Political Elite

Source #libertymatters – Balancing Liberty And SecurityMarch 25, 2014 By KrisAnne Hall — KrisAnne Hall (@KrisAnneHall) February 27, 2016

DOJ: Combating Domestic

DOJ has created a new division to combat domestic terrorism. What will be the real battle once we find out WHO the DOJ fits that label? Full Analysis of DOJ Authority to Assassinate US Citizens Analysis of the DOJ’s White Paper as released February 5, 2013 #libertymatters – DOJ: Combating DomesticFebruary 22, 2016 By KrisAnne […]

Sovereign States or Subjects?

A must listen-to show! Hear what KrisAnne presented to the Utah State Legislature. Are the states sovereign or are they subjects? Listen to what the framers said about the duty and function of state legislators. Could it be that the most powerful governmental entity in the US is not the Supreme Court but the state […]

TPP is Now Complete: Here is What You Get!

The cold hard facts about TPP. Its not a trade agreement. It is foreign rule. Do you know just how #wicked #TPP really is? If you can handle the #Truth here it is: — KrisAnne Hall (@KrisAnneHall) December 22, 2015

Exposing the Dangers Of Law Professor, Judicial Supremacy

February 3, 2016 By KrisAnne Hall A “scholar and professor of law’ has taken issue with the teaching of the founding fathers. Who do you believe is correct, a law professor or James Madison? You be the judge. Subscribe to the KrisAnne Hall YouTube Channel #libertymatters – Exposing the Dangers Of Law Professor, Judicial Supremacy […]


Jana Murray is a graduate of East Carolina University with B.A. in Psychology and Business. Adapting early in the art of social media systems as well as wordpress to promote Constitutional political ideologies, a natural progression allowed Jana to become highly skilled as an internet marketing expert assisting local brick and mortar businesses through the chaotic […]