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  • Bitcoin Hearings – Bitcoin Lovefest

    Related: Still Report #126 – Feds Love Bitcoins Guess who BitCoins new friends are — the Obama gang. Bitcoin Rips to $900, Before Falling to $650 – all in the space of 30 minutes? On the same day the U.S. government began discussions about Bitcoin, the value of the digital currency is skyrocketing.

  • BitcoinLaw – “FinCEN and BitCoin Miners”

    Bitcoin Foundation is Wrong! BitcoinLaw – “FinCEN and BitCoin Miners” Bitcoin Targeted By Latest FinCEN Ruling? – Implications Are Profound FinCEN thinks it has the authority to go after entities such as Mt. Gox that are located in Japan. Mt. Gox, along with all the other related institutions, such as that exchange Bitcoins for gift cards, or VirWox which… Continue reading "BitcoinLaw – “FinCEN and BitCoin Miners”"