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Educate and inform the whole mass of the People. That is the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. ~Thomas Jefferson

  • Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967]

    Mr. Fagan describes with documentary evidence how the ILLUMINATI became the instrument of the House of Rothschild to achieve a “One World Government”. Source: The Crypt #GlobalistAgendaWatch2015 The magician and the heckler — Jana Murray (@janamurray) July 20, 2015 Image Source: NWO News

  • Eustace Mullins

    Subscribe to The Rape of Justice Eustace Mullins Collection #EustaceMullins @DevinRice @The_JBS New History of the Jews In order to keep govt in power, must have terrorism.. — Jana Murray (@janamurray) July 17, 2015 #MainstreamMedia: "The technique of infamy is to start two lies at once and set people arguing which one is true." – Ezra Pound — Jus Pauperum (@JusPauperum1)… Continue reading "Eustace Mullins"

  • Season of Treason

    Sources: Sovereign Inhabitant Trust and Contract Maine Republic Email Alert “…That I should bear witness to the truth.” – John 18:37 / David E. Robinson, Publisher 1-Person 2-Voter Registration 3-District of Columbia 4-Corporate Resident 5-US citizen 6-Withdrawal of Consent 7-Commercial Contract 8-Public Debt 9-No Way Back 10-A Way Out 11-Who is Responsible “The America that’s celebrated on #July4th no longer… Continue reading "Season of Treason"