• Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR

    RELATED LINKS: EDWARD BERNAYS – ‘PROPAGANDA’ (1928) Pictures in Our Heads – Council on Foreign Relations Founding Father Walter Lippmann Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the #CFR https://t.co/w8Av6l3sFL https://t.co/IbQj3I5bXM https://t.co/FRERG8xpqj pic.twitter.com/fh5JWoQyTu https://t.co/iv3HEh523f — Tom Jefferson (@tjefferson1976) November 12, 2016 Meet Team Trump https://t.co/6mu1bZF2T1 @corbettreport pic.twitter.com/eYgBb84pT3 — Jana Murray (@janamurray) November 12, 2016

  • SDR is A Trojan Horse for Global Elitists

    Source: The Daily Coin Investment Research Dynamics “SDR use will go exponential after next financial crisis” ~ Jim Rickards James talks about how Donald Trump will most likely end up using Larry Summers’ $2 trillion infrastructure plan to create jobs and how that will most likely continue to add to the US’ debt problems.