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Are Conservative Values a Terror Threat? Source: Frederick Wüst Jr. Obama Issued #EO to Stay in Power – Keyword: "Transition" — Jana Murray (@janamurray) November 18, 2016 The LGBT fraud has been exposed, and they’re definitely not happy about it @LifeSite — Jana Murray (@janamurray) November 18, 2016 Obama signs Executive Order for Martial Law this December via @wordpressdotcom — justpraisehimtoday (@glynda_lomax)…

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The Transgender Movement – Destroying Natural Motherhood

Source: Subscribe to PocketsOfTheFuture Playlist Michelle Obama and others are Men and A-list Male Actors in Drag 99.97% Chance That Joan Rivers Was Murdered for Outing Michelle Obama as a Man A-List Actors Forced to Wear Dresses; A-List Actresses with Man Hands: Illuminati Origins Illuminati Puppet Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Hoax- A-list Actor Marlon Brandon in Drag Transgender “man” in Ecuador…

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