• The Shape Of Things to Come?

    Top NASA Scientist Discusses The Future of Undersea Warfare by Dennis M. Bushnell Since the 1950s, when more than 50 percent of the nation’s work force became engaged in some type of “information-intensive,” activity, the United States (and the world) have been in the midst of an unprecedented Technological Revolution, currently centered around Information, Biological, and Nanoscale technologies. These technologies… Continue reading "The Shape Of Things to Come?"

  • Welcome to NASA Disneyland

    Pluto The Planet/Cartoon – Welcome to Disneyland There is no reason to trust anything NASA hands us at this point. They are the government. As an example here is a link to the fraudulent Rosetta comet landing mission: https://youtu.be/AsgA2cPOyRs. The things said about Pluto here are not based solely on this single mission but as a result of examining NASA… Continue reading "Welcome to NASA Disneyland"