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  • Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda

    The Unholy Feminine – Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda In this controversial presentation, Mark Passio blows wide open the Dark Occult agenda of Neo-Feminism, which is being used to sow the seeds of discord between men and women in order to weaken the human species and ensure that future generations of humanity lack the traits necessary to resist tyranny.… Continue reading "Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda"

  • In Defense of Men, What’s Left of Them

    #GenderFluidity @PrisonPlanet The denial of gender differences is occult #masonic http://t.co/Cxq2f20w7X via @HenryMakow — Jana Murray (@janamurray) August 4, 2015 RT @HenryMakow #UN Agenda movement to erase gender distinctions, destroy marriage & family https://t.co/fZwiO8durL #GenderFluidity — Jana Murray (@janamurray) July 28, 2015