It Has Got To Stop America!

Let me make this clear, I am by no means a religious person.  My children and I don’t attend church.  I have many personal reasons not to.  However, I have never heard a more genuine spiritual leader than Pastor Manning.  Please pray for and stand with Lt. col Terry Lakin. Hon. James David Manning, PhD […]

Jon Voight’s Letter for the American People

In one year, the American people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by Barack Obama and his whole administration. The lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all, or the very poor and needy who […]

The Banks And Beyond

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Hip-Pocket Politics: How To Become A Tack

Gary North’s Reality Check “If you are in the hip pocket of any political party, prepare to be sat on.” – Gary North Political victory in the United States is best defined as follows: Getting your political agenda enacted into law, enforced by the Executive branch, and upheld by the courts. A definition of political victory […]

Glenn Beck, Leader of the Anti-Birther (Truther) Movement

Reposting The Conservative Monster Glenn Beck has his credibility on the line (All of Fox News as well) if the Obama eligibility movement continues to grow. The growth of this movement would expose the deliberate suppression of the news regarding the lawsuits and allegations against Obama about his possible ineligibility. He is desperately trying to […]