Month: May 2011

Abuse of Judicial Discretion is Keeping Obama’s Eligibility in Limbo

Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz compares judicial abuse and undue pressure as like the Soviet Union, and mentions that Judge David O. Carter, had taken as his Law Clerk, Sidharth Velamoor, a former attorney for a firm which represented prior to October 2009 Obama’s defense firm. And that standing was not an issue, as she filed before Obama had been sworn in as President.



Orly Taitz Exposes Barack Obama for Social Security Fraud

O’Donnell is a complete & utter jackass in the way he conducts himself here. Like it or not Ms Orly Taitz definitively exposes Barack Obama for Social Security Fraud. If this were perpetrated by anyone else they would be behind bars – PERIOD! Never before has one President had so much non-stop controversy follow him. Neither Ms Taitz nor I have committed any crime here. Truth IS Truth and last I checked it’s NOT a crime to speak the Truth. It IS criminal to defraud Social Security by the usage of bogus numbers AND everyone can see that this so-called Long Form Certificate of Live Birth is fabricated and forged. I DO NOT subscribe to conspiracies or conspiracy theories. I am all about exposing the Truth. One would think that in a true Democracy with built in checks & balances in place, that SOMEONE would have the Integrity, moral fortitude to actually weigh the evidence and see to it that Justice is carried out. Instead, we are exposed to seemingly non-stop crisis after crisis, situation after situation designed to overwhelm our memories & to forget. NEVER BEFORE has SO MUCH controversy followed a President of our United States of America. Personally, I have no beef with the man as a human being but as shown in a prior clip, IN HIS OWN WORDS, Barack Obama has contradicted himself, his very words on many numerous occasions.

Herman Cain: “No Need To Audit the Federal Reserve”

The Fox News-led GOP debate last night in South Carolina gave the first formal glimpse of the emerging 2012 GOP presidential field, though more thought was perhaps spent on the presumptive (selected & vetted by the establishment) big name contenders who have yet to enter or debate. Congressman Ron Paul was perhaps the most well-known face next to a field otherwise unseen in 2008. With him were former Senator Rick Santorum, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, businessman and former KC Federal Reserve chair Herman Cain and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

After the debate, an artificial-esque buzz quickly centered around Herman Cain, who has positioned himself as a Tea Party candidate and gained popularity for his ‘tough’ rhetoric.

A Fox-focus group fielded by the notorious Frank Luntz quickly established that Herman Cain had won the debate (in lieu of a poll, apparently). Cain charmed a majority of the 29 handpicked and carefully-handled likely Republicans in Luntz’s focus group. After all, he’s a fresh face, he talks about smaller government, ending the economic crisis and he’s a successful businessman. Read more at PrisonPlanet

Herman Cain, former Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, flippantly denies the need to Audit the Federal Reserve while hosting the Neil Boortz Show on 12/29/2010…


Tom Woods considers the shortcomings of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, who has been described as a “Tea Party favorite.”

Unbelievable, Herman Cain continues to defend and shill for the Federal Reserve in this video:
Herman Cain Discusses the Federal Reserve

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Fed Insider Herman Cain Announces 2012 Bid
In 2008, Cain blasted “free market purists” in an opinion column for opposing the $700 billion banker bailout known as TARP.

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