Lawyers For Ron Paul on Talking Liberty with Tracy Diaz

Lawyers For Ron Paul Solution:,, Facebook Page: Doug Wead 6-23-12 Tracy Diaz, Josh Tolley on Ron Paul Tribune Chat

Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour

ARE YOU A VICTIM OF VOTING FRAUD? The grassroots are fighting til their last breath and that’s as it should be. People who believe in liberty should continue to resist tyranny with every weapon available. Ron Paul won his first seat in congress because the winner became ill and left his seat. Ron won […]

The Man That Shot Liberty In The Back

Video Source: TheKaffeeKlatsch Rand Paul’s announcement of the Hannity/FOX program leaves me bewildered and dismayed. A complete a total betrayal of what I thought of Senator Rand Paul now that he has endorsed Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee.