What do the Recent Voices for Glass-Steagall in Congress Mean

Video Source: laroucheyouth One way or another, the system will be reorganized Glass-Steagall to defend the general welfare… During a February 15th webcast, Lyndon LaRouche identified the solution required now to defend and protect the general welfare of all Americans, in the face of complete economic collapse. We urge you to watch the webcast, and […]

The Constitution For Dummies

Video Source: aaron thorn [expand title=”More Information” tag=”h4″]Judge Andrew Napolitano on the history of the federal government’s neglect, disdain, and continual erosion of the Constitution from John Adams to George W. Bush. Learn about the “Alien and Sedition Act”, FISA, and the Patriot Act and what we must do to get back to Constitutional fidelity […]

Rep. Walter Jones Call to Mobilize For HCR 3 and HR 129

Video Source: Schiller-Institut Find Your Congressional Representative NYC Schiller Conference Unanimously Endorses Rep. Walter Jones Call to Mobilize For HCR 3 and HR 129 Over 300 political activists and diplomats, gathering in New York City on Jan. 26 for a conference of the Schiller Institute, unanimously endorsed a call by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) to […]