Tom Woods Supports The Evisceration of What Was Once The Republic

Bitcoin Myth #1 – Bitcoins are Anonymous by Bitcoins Anonymous Thomas E Woods– Deceiver, Enemy to the Constitution Related Article: Why Tom Woods is wrong about the Greenbackers We could print enough debt free paper money to pay off the National Debt. This Debt is entirely credit based, for every debt free dollar we print, […]

What is a Congressman Actually Worth?

They (Congressmen) are Prostitutes Recent statistics show that during the 2012 elections the financial services sector contributed $104,938,698.00 to both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives and 42 million in the Senate, what is a congressman actually worth? ~LaRouche PAC Video Source: Larouche Youth Free Ride for JPMorgan Chase Triggers Calls for Glass-Steagall […]

Thomas Jefferson On “Paper Money,” Reset

Until you really understand the history, words and the context of Thomas Jefferson’s letter to J.W. Eppes in 1813, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes people have made, by ignoring those words, for the past 200 years. “Paper money is liable to be abused, has been, is, and forever will be abused, in […]

If the Dow Jones Doesn’t Measure the Economy, What Does?

Question 3 from the LaRouchePAC webcast of March 8, 2013: If the Dow Jones Doesn’t Measure the Economy, What Does? LaRouchePAC webcasts take place every Friday evening at 8pm Eastern. You can watch the event LIVE at Follow us on twitter @larouchepac & Facebook