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Traditionally Liberal Huffington Post and New Hampshire GOP Team Up To Destroy Rep. Stella Tremblay


StellaTremblayStill believe in the Left/Right paradigm?  Do you need proof that there is no difference in the ultimate agenda of any modern political party and the mainstream media’s role as the 4th branch of our governmental structure?  Look no further than the latest debacle with New Hampshire Representative Stella Tremblay!

After Representative Tremblay appeared on the Pete Santilli Show, the amalgamation of the corrupt entities teamed up to demand her resignation, for simply daring to ask questions.

A lynch mob mentality rules in New Hampshire as a concerted effort is being formed to take Stella Tremblay out for good simply because she dared question the official story about the Boston Marathon Bombing — a story being forced on her constituents by the FBI. Comments being posted from the irate public by both Democrats and Republicans are starting to sound more and more dangerous and Stella Tremblay has begun to fear she is being targeted by outraged, main stream media brainwashed citizens who are calling for her execution. ~ Susannah Cole

Representative Stella Tremblay’s Response

My sincere apologies if I have offended anyone with my comments regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was out of my sincere desire to question the violated constitutional rights of the residents in Watertown in the name of searching for one fugitive. Furthermore, all individuals have the right to be “innocent” until proven guilty. We are setting a precedent for ourselves, if we allow our fears to override individual liberties. Our emotions must be tempered if we want justice to prevail. . President Richard Nixon was impeached when the media asked the tough questions. Inquisitiveness is only natural when the media is not doing their jobs. These media standards should apply consistently to every administration and not be slanted or manipulated for a specific outcome. When we give up our “liberties” in the name of safety, we truly have agreed to be enslaved.  ~  Rep. Stella Tremblay

Keep in mind, Rep. Stella Tremblay is one of the only representatives in our government that is openly upholding her oath to defend the Constitution. along with patriots like Lt. Col Roy Potter.

Roy Potter is a retired U.S. Army military intelligence officer who served as a counterpart in a command under General David Petraeus, and has until now remained silent while following the public and main stream media criticism and response to Ms. Tremblay’s call for an investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombings. In a telephone interview with LTC Potter he stated, “Based on my personal and first hand knowledge of how our intelligence community operates, this event has every signature of a ‘Black Op’, and anyone who refuses to answers questions Ms. Tremblay is posing is obviously considered suspect.”

Tremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries
Note: This story was updated at 7:20 p.m. to include comments by House Republican Leader Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett.

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