Alan Grayson: ‘88 seconds to Debate the TPP’?

You have probably heard the TPP called “NAFTA on steroids” and for good reason. The TPP is a trade deal to dismantle democracy; or a secret global deal that combines all of the worst elements of NAFTA and Citizens United, shoots them up with steroids, sprinkles in a speedball and codifies these principles into a […]

Zionist Manipulations 1812-2015

Preston James with Jeff Rense, January 5th, 2015 On Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin, Crimea, Ukraine, Russia, NATO, Civil War of 1812, The CIA, Secret Civil War in Syria and Iraq, Israel, Zionism, John McCain, General David Petraeus, Pat Tillman, The Military Industrial Complex, Dwight Eisenhower, Bernard Baruch, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, General George Patton, The […]

PROBLEM: USURY Has Enslaved Humanity

Pastors and peace activists explain how the Bible forbids usury. God, Moses, Joshua, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha each forbid usury and enforced that law on earth. Sadly, modern man has forgotten God’s requirement. Thus, we face usurpation, war, poverty, police state, corruption, disease, division and hate. ~ Wayne Walton Related: Concentrated Power and Consequences – […]