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Philip Mezey, CEO of Itron Inc, Believes California’s Water Needs to be Managed REAL Time

Corporations are Stealing Public Surface Water when the abundance of Earth’s internal natural Primary Water could supply the places they claim there is a water shortage.

“It is time California takes the lead in building a smart water network like the smart grid being deployed for electricity. The smart grid allows power utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric or Southern California Edison to improve electricity distribution and management, boost efficiency and support time-of-use pricing that helps conserve power.

Smart water networks would allow water utilities to do the same. Applying existing technology, water utilities will be able to more closely track and manage the millions of gallons of water used in homes, businesses, industry and agriculture across the state each day.” Philip Mezey, The Sun

Philip Mezey Itron IncPhilip Mezey was appointed president and chief executive officer and named to Itron’s board of directors on January 1, 2013. Mezey has served the company in several capacities during his career at Itron, most recently as chief operating officer for Itron’s global Energy segment, with responsibility for the operations of Itron’s electricity and gas businesses around the world.

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