Physiological Saline Containing Graphene


Why do some people who haven’t been vaccinated nor worn masks nor taken PCR tests are magnetic? Well, there is already an answer to that.

Just when we thought that the confirmation of graphene oxide in vaccines was already alarming, new information appears that blows our minds.

For two weeks now, the Telegram channel Info Vacunas has been investigating in parallel to that of La Quinta Columna and has discovered that since 2012 there has been a patent for including graphene oxide in physiological saline solutions. 

This is disturbing because it means that humanity has been the victim of poisoning unknowingly for almost 10 years. 

Graphene oxide could potentially be responsible for the influenza outbreaks of the last few years, as 4G and 4G Plus electromagnetic frequencies would have stimulated it, just as Dr. José Luis Sevillano explained a couple of days ago in the Argentine program Palabras y Verdades.

Web Archive is being scrubbed as well, captures were much higher than 40 as of 11-12-22

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