A Couple of Interesting Absences

  • August 31, 2023

It’s sometimes possible to know a lot by what they’re not telling you – as for example about what’s happening in France. And Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

There is little to no “news” about either in the “mainstream” press; i.e., the corporate-owned press; i.e., the press that is owned and so controlled by an interlocking nexus of fewer than six corporations. As a footnote, it was once the case that large American cities had about that many independent newspapers. The latter in honorable italics to differentiate it from the “media,” which “reports” that which it is told to “report” by those who own it.

And what not to report.

As for example whatever’s going on in France right now. You may recall – before the “media” was told to stop reporting about it – that the country was in the throes of widespread rioting tot he extent that the government appeared to be losing control of things. This is what you might call an interesting story – and yet, the “media” doesn’t report.

I tells us a great about what the media’s owners want us to know about. And what they do not want us to know about.

How about Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? 

At one time, the “media” was non-stop “reporting” about the stalwart Keeeeeeeevians, manfully arresting the progress of the Uber Villain, Vlad the Imperious, who – it was “reported” – had bitten off more than he could chew. It was only a matter of time before he and his hordes were pushed back to Moscow, forked tails tucked.

Very little, if anything, is being “reported” about Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev all of a sudden. Particularly nothing as regards the Great Counter Offensive promised by the Keeeeeeeeeevian Leader, Zelensky.

Could it be the owners of the “media” would rather we not know that it’s the Russians rather than the Keeeevians who are winning? For the same – and worse – reasons that a family tries its best to keep embarrassing family secrets quiet?

Speaking of quiet . . .

Have you noticed how silent – how invisible – putative World Controller Klaus Schwab has become all of a sudden? Or rather, how little is being “reported” about him by the same “media” that is silent about whatever’s happening in France and Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev? There is also very little in the “news” about Bill Gates, the software grifter who became a “vaccine” peddler in addition to and to further his publicly stated desire to reduce the number of other people besides himself who walk the planet.

Probably because they are among the people who own the “media” and so are in a position to determine what is “reported” – as well as what’s not.

But this tells us a lot.

It tells us, among other things, that these people are worried – about losing control of what we are allowed to know. They are trying very hard to keep this from being “reported” and yet, the knowledge is spreading about the truth of things – including about the so-styled “pandemic,” EVs and what’s really going on (badly) in Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev. There is also the spreading awareness that this whole Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev business is closely related to the business of the octogenarian grifter whose puppeteers used the “pandemic” to have him selected as resident.

It’s not being reported by the “media,” of course. That being what they are paid not to do. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t beginning to figure it out. The lump under the carpet has become too big not to notice, even if the “media” won’t report a thing about it.

What will happen when the news about what’s going on in France – and Keeeeeeeeeeeev – becomes impossible to hide by not reporting it?  What will happen when the grift related to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev becomes so obvious that people will demand to know why the “media” isn’t reporting anything about it?

No one knows for sure. But we’re all going to find out.


. . .

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