A Lackey Letter

  • May 15, 2024

Government is both idiotic and dangerous – because it is empowers idiots. There are many examples. One more came in the mail the other day from an idiot government worker by the name – appropriately enough – of Gerald F. Lackey, who added PhD to his name, so as to impress us with the authority of his credentials.

Like “Dr.” Jill Biden.

Like the credentialed “experts” who assured us that facial underwear “works” to “stop the spread.” And who insist that if even a fraction more carbon dioxide is added to the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is CO2 the “climate” is going to “change.”

Whatever that means. Which means anything, of course. Which is just the point.

Back to the Lackey – who heads Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Italicized for reasons that will shortly become clear.

He sent me and probably every other person in my state who has a driver’s license a letter to counsel me about the importance of learning how to properly ride a motorcycle. The motorcycles – plural – I have been riding for decades.

You would assume that the person who is the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles – which is the government bureaucracy that issues driver’s licenses and driver’s license endorsements such as the “M” on the license that indicates the person has qualified for and obtained a motorcycle license – would refrain from sending letters to people who have the latter urging them to “complete a rider training course.”

That is to say, a new rider training course.

As in, the one the DMV suggests people who’ve not learned how to ride a bike take in order to learn how to ride one.

These courses are not pointless – assuming you don’t know how to ride a bike or haven’t got much experience riding. They teach the basics of riding; the proper use of the bike’s controls and give advice to people new to riding about how to reduce the risks of riding that are specific to being on two wheels rather than four. This is all fine – if you’re new to riding – for the same reason that learning how to properly saddle and direct a horse is valuable to the just-beginning equestrian.

But it is to beggar the meaning of idiotic to pester-lecture people who’ve been riding for decades – who have had a motorcycle endorsement for decades – to take a rider course that is specifically designed for people who have little, if any, experience riding motorcycles.

The Lackey writes that – “shockingly” – “76 percent of motorcyclists involved in crashes in Virginia haven’t completed a training course. And a staggering one-in-four riders aren’t even legally endorsed to ride on Virginia roads!”

So why not send them the pester-lecture letter?

Instead, the Lackey sent me – and probably tens of thousands of other licensed motorcycle riders – a letter, indicating that the Lackey who runs the DMV has no idea who is licensed to ride motorcycle and who is not.

Is it asking too much for the DMV to use its resources – that is to say, our resources, taken by force from us via a litany of taxes and “fees” that are just another name for taxes – to cross-reference its records and not waste more of our resources on idiotic, pedantic and supercilious pester-lecture letters addressed to people who are in need of such counsel to the same degree that a continent adult needs counsel to correctly keep himself clean?

If it seems small of me to devote an entire column to this idiocy, remember that it is the idiocy we’re forced to finance. It is of the same species of tyranny Jefferson denounced when he spoke of the tyranny of compelling a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he detests (viz, NPR; viz, government schools).

Would you – would anyone lacking access to an unlimited supply of other people’s money – spend money on a mass-letter campaign pester-lecturing people about anything, let alone a thing as superfluously idiotic as a letter pester-lecturing people who already ride motorcycles and who already have the government-mandated endorsement to ride a motorcycle that they really ought to take a new rider “safety” course?

It takes a real Lackey to do that.

A credentialed one. Like the ones who pester-lectured people that “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” As in, stop looking at alternatives to the mRNA poison they were pushing, y’all. So as to give the pester-lecture the mouth feel of just-folks as opposed to arrogant idiots pester-lecturing people they look upon as idiots.

All of it paid for by the people these people look upon as idiots.

“Completing the course qualifies you for that all-important endorsement on your license. It’s a no-brainer!”

Indeed, it is.

. . .

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