A New Record High!

  • December 22, 2023

When the federal government saves you money, get ready to pay through the nose for it.

As for example “record high” fuel economy, which the government takes credit for delivering unto us via regulations that the car companies must find ways to comply with.

And they do.

It’s why the average cost of a new car has gone up to just shy of $50,000 – an increase of  about $15,000 vs. as recently as three years ago. The reason why has to do with what happened about three years ago:

Orange Man out. Biden Thing in.

The latter promised he’d save us gas money by making us pay more for cars that burn less (or even none). He never said the last part – about paying more for the cars – out loud. Instead, the Thing’s minions, such as EPA Administrator Michael Regan say “historic progress” has been made.

He refers to the 1.2 MPG uptick posted by new cars (on average) in 2022.

The bulk of this historic progress has been made by replacing less expensive but larger engines – such as V6 engines – with smaller, more expensive turbocharged four cylinder engines. And by pairing these with less reliable, more expensive to replace automatics transmissions with two and sometimes three overdrive gears. And by adding “technology” that shuts off the engine at every red light that adds expense in the form of shorter battery and starter motor life.

The most progress of all, however,  has been made by using the regs to stealth-force the mass-production of battery powered devices, which are credited (by the government) with being “zero emissions” vehicles and with delivering 2-3 times the MPG equivalent of the gas-burning cars the regs are stealth-forcing out of production.

For example, a battery powered device such as the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt is credited by the government with delivering “120 MPGe.” This being as oilily disingenuous as the government’s characterization of drugs that didn’t prevent people from becoming infected with (or infecting others with) COVID as “vaccines.”

“MPGe” gives a similarly false impression of a battery powered device’s efficiency by not factoring into the equation the inefficiencies of generating and transmitting electricity to the device. If these were honestly factored, the “MPGe” would be much closer to the MPG figures of cars that aren’t devices.

But this gaming doesn’t matter to the government – because it furthers the agenda of the government. Or – rather – the Things that control it. They use it to stealth-force the car companies to produce “zero emissions” vehicles that are credited by the government with  returning 2-3 times the mileage equivalent, even though they don’t actually deliver it.

But the credit helps the average.

The more “123 MPGe” Bolts Chevy produces relative to 17 MPG Tahoes, the more credit Chevy gets – in terms of complying with the regulations that require its fleet (i.e., all the models it produces) to average close to 35 MPG – which is the current MPG minimum mandated by the government, to save us money.

But Bolts don’t sell.

Or rather, they cost GM more to produce than can be earned back by selling them at a price that would cover the cost to produce them, plus a reasonable profit on the transaction. So Chevy sells them at a loss – and makes up for it by increasing the cost of vehicles like the Tahoe, that are (unlike the Bolt) appealing enough that enough people  are willing to pay what it costs to produce them – plus the cost of producing Bolts and other devices that are only being produced in order to comply with the regs.

The base price of a new Tahoe is now more than $50,000 ($52,600 to be precise). When it goes up to $60,000, how many who’d like one will still be able to afford one?

A new Toyota Camry – shorn of the V6 it used to be available with – will cost you close to $30,000 now, as opposed to $26,320 before. The roughly $4k more the government will force you to spend for the new (and take-it-or-leave it) hybrid drivetrain is the price you pay for the government saving you gas money.

There’s more savings on deck, too.

A Reuters news story blandly notes that “Fuel economy is forecast to increase to 26.9 mpg in 2023.” In fact, government regulatory pressure is about to increase – to just shy of 50 MPG -and that is going to necessitate factoring more MPGe into the mix. That is, the production of more “zero emissions” devices in order to comply with the regs.

Since these won’t sell, it’ll cost you more to buy what you want.

The EPA said EVs, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell production rose to 7 percent in 2022 and are projected to hit 12 percent in 2023.”

Italics added. Production, yes. How about sales?

How about costs?

The EPA has “proposed sweeping emissions cuts for new vehicles through 2032, including a 56 percent reduction in projected fleet average emissions over 2026 requirements that it says would result in 67 percent of new vehicles by 2032 being electric.”

Italics added. Proposed – in the context of government – being akin to the way government asks us to contribute to Social Security. And yes, it will result in just what the Reuters story says it will.

Speaking of “zero emissions” . . .

The Biden Thing’s plenipotentiary Michael Regan says that all of this “historic progress” has also “reduce(d) climate pollution and other harmful emissions.” Another oily misdirection. How is the “climate” polluted by the gas that plants must have to live – and which produce the gas we need to breath?

Regan conflates these life-giving gasses – without which the environment would be lifeless – with “harmful emissions” so as to to create the false association that they are just that. 

In order to get us to accept the costs of all these savings.   

And you can’t take that to the bank.

. . .

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