A Passing Comment Sometimes Says it All

  • November 30, 2023

Try to imagine a doctor who feels contempt toward his patients. Wait. We don’t need to imagine anymore, do we? Well, how about a car journalist who thinks – who openly says – “most people should not be driving cars”?

Such a one is a guy by the name of Rory Carroll – who writes for the Left-leaning car site, Jalopnik. A Left-leaning car site is itself an interesting incongruity, at least superficially – in that Leftism and private car ownership/enjoyment go together like high fructose corn syrup and good health. But it is superficial, as revealed by Carroll’s offhanded but revelatory statement. He also thinks “most people” ought to be barred from driving “very fast cars on public roads.”

Because guys like Carroll – that is to say, Leftists – consider themselves the arbiters of who ought to be allowed to drive.

And how.

Driving being a conditional privilege, to Leftists.

“Public” roads mean their roads, of course. Not in the technical-legal sense but rather in the operational-control sense, which is ultimately the only sense that has any meaning. Leftists use a mind-fuck trick to get people to accept Leftist control of everything by pretending the “public” owns these things. But the Left – which controls the government – has controls over these things and so asserts ownership over them. The public – that is to say, you and me and the rest of the proletariat – own nothing because we are in control of nothing.

It’s a slick trick and it works really well. People notice – and object to – a king owning everything and flaunting it. They don’t object to a general secretary controlling everything – and flaunting it.

Because they buy into the mind-fuck that the “public” owns all that stuff.

That is how the once-upon-a-time right of way and the right to travel freely became “public” (that is, government-controlled) roads – and using them a conditional privilege. It is a transition that Carroll very much endorses, probably because he regards himself as one of the better class who ought to be free to use these roads because he is sufficiently competent.

Just as he appears – based upon his profile blurb, which proudly lists the multiple cars he owns – to regard himself as among the better sort who ought to be allowed to own as many cars as he likes.

Including several that have no “advanced driver assistance technology” and none of which are battery-powered.

But it’s different for you.

Just as it is different for Leftists such as Joe Biden – who among other things owns an antique Corvette that has no catalytic converters and so that “emits” a great deal of actual pollution (as opposed to carbon dioxide, which is a “pollutant” in the way that the money you’re forced to pay into the Social Security program is a “contribution”).

But he wants you to own an EV.

Just as it is different for Leftists such as the current secretary of transportation to be chauffeured around in armored V8-powered SUVs but insists you be pushed into an EV (assuming you can afford one).

But that is expected from Leftist politicians. It is, after all, what they do – summoning Dr. Evil voice, describing his henchman, Random Task. What’s unexpected is to encounter such Leftism in car journalism. The effrontery of it is stupendous. Carroll is not just a contributor to Jalopnik; he is the editor-in-chief!

And he thinks – he says! – “most people should not be driving cars.”

There was a time when that would have disqualified a person from working in car journalism – for the same reason that a militant vegan would not have been hired to write for a cattle industry trade publication. But the Left has indeed marched through the institutions to such an extent that even car journalism is now rotten with Leftism. It is so confident in itself that it – per Carroll – believes it is now in a position so unassailable it can be open about its plans and the feelings that motivate them.

The feelings they have – of contempt – for the Deplorables, as they openly call them.

If, even 20 years ago, the World Economic Forum – who are these people? – had emitted a public statement to the effect that we will own nothing and by implication they will own everything and that private car ownership (for us, they mean) must be ended, it would have been regarded by most of us as the crazy talk of the hard-core Left.

Which of course it is.

The thing is, they kept quiet about it for decades, as they marched discreetly through the institutions, keeping their mouths mostly shut so that we would not know just what they had in mind until it was too late for us to do much about it. That is where we find ourselves now and that is why a guy like Carroll can openly state that he thinks “most people should not be driving cars” and be editor-in-chief of a “car” publication.

And they ask me why I drink . . .

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