A “State of Devolution”

  • May 20, 2024

What are styled “conspiracy theories” are often compelling because they seem at least plausible – and when you combine that with the hope that they might be factual you have what is styled a “state of devolution.”

This is the conspiracy theory that Trump is in fact still president (never mind he’s running for president) and that everything that’s happened since the 2020 election has been part of a carefully orchestrated script by the “white hats” to “expose” the corruption and treason of those who stole the election . . . by letting them steal it. And then letting them pretend to run things while Trump and “the military” – led by Mark Miley, whom you’ll note is still chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was appointed by Trump.


It is all part of the operation, you see. “Narratives” are being “deployed.” They – the “black hats” – are being “exposed.”

Wait. It gets better.

Trump is also not the guy who is responsible for turning the country into a continental prison; he left that up to the “black hats” who control the states, the better to “expose” their nefariousness. Never mind that it was Trump who declared the emergency that enabled the “Warp Speeding” of mRNA drugs that were exempted from the usual lengthy process of safety testing before they were pushed on people. No one was ever forced to take the drugs, you see. It was up to people to choose whether to take them. Including, apparently, the minor children who were forced to take them by their adult parents – who didn’t want to take them out of the schools that required kids to be injected in order to be allowed to return to school. And never mind that most of the adults had to choose between keeping their job (and possibly, food on the table) or keeping their bodily integrity.

Never mind the people in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines who were told to accept being jabbed – or be dishonorably discharged.

None of this was Trump’s doing.

It was all done by nefarious forces (true) that Trump did nothing to stop; nefarious people – such as Drs. Fauci and Wolensky – whom Trump enabled. But it was all part of the operation, you see.

Take care to note that proper insignia was missing from the uniforms of the “soldiers” who performed the 21 gun salute for the imposter who pretends to be president.

Farther and farther down the rabbit hole we go. But is there a white rabbit down there?

It’s easy to understand the appeal of “devolution.” It is the same appeal that appeals to anyone who is desperate to believe the facts are other than they appear, because the facts that are cannot be digested.

How is it possible that a hair-plugged ancient grifter “won” the election with more votes for him than were cast for Barry Obama? Who – irrespective of whether one likes or doesn’t like him – was genuinely popular? How could that senile old grifter – who hid in his basement for most of 2020 – have won over Trump, who (irrespective of whether one likes or doesn’t like him) drew huge crowds of supporters at every rally?

And how could they be allowed to get away with stealing the election so blatantly – so “in our faces”? It is an outrage!

Indeed, it is.

And that is why it’s so easy – such a relief – to believe in “devolution.” The country has not been hijacked by a gang of Marxist thugs and their coterie of useful idiots. The country is in safe hands. The gang of Marxist thugs and grifters is being slowly, inexorably maneuvered into a corner from which they’ll not be able to escape the wrath of sweet justice.

Just wait!

You’ll see!

What the devolutionists don’t see, of course, is objective reality. That Mark Miley (if a fart had a face, it’d be his) is indeed the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and does not work for Trump. He works for the hair-plugged grifter who took the job from Trump. But never mind that! Miley is “special forces” and participated in Robin Sage – a training program for operations . . .

And that’s true – in a sense. Just not the sense the devolutionists think it is. There is a lot of money to be made selling hopium. Lots of clicks; lots of redirects to our sponsors.

Buy Gold Now.

It’s worth a mention that one of the head devolutionists is a guy named (appropriately) Kash Patel, who was a third-string functionary in the waning days of Trump’s last year as president. He and others like him – Dinesh D’ Souza’s another – have made bank on making people think Trump’s still in charge and the operator behind the scenes.

And that’s how “devolution” really works. And it’s worked really well, so far.

. . .

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