Jana Murray is a graduate of East Carolina University with B.A. in Psychology and Business.

Adapting early in the art of social media systems as well as WordPress to promote Constitutional political ideologies, a natural progression allowed Jana to become highly skilled as an internet marketing expert assisting local brick and mortar businesses through the chaotic whims of Google’s algorithms. Jana Murray’s efforts include a core focus on creating mobile friendly websites, along with website redesign, reputation management and search engine optimization strategies.

Those that know Jana, will tell you her passion is promoting truth seekers who are concerned about the demise of America, with a bent towards the proper restoration of the Constitution as the founders intended to serve as our protection against tyranny.

With her tireless work ethic she will not rest until our prodigy have an equivalent, perhaps even better, opportunity to seek the true American way which includes our freedom of thought and just pursuits, without the shackles of economic slavery.

Jana Murray carries on with her eternal vigil of hope that the human race will conquer the bondage and illusions that it finds itself quagmired in, so we can all pursue happiness and aspire to live in true prosperity, freedom, and individual sovereignty. Never accepting the status quo, it’s her fondest wish to instill our future generations the knowledge and philosophy to inherit a debt free economic climate that supports entrepreneurship and creativity.