AGW Says “Get the Fuck Out of Our Way”

  • June 13, 2023

Here’s video of a female armed government worker advising us “civilians” to “get the fuck out of her way” when she rolls up behind us. Else risk her finding something to “pull us over” for – i.e., to use the threat of murderous violence legalized by her badge and enforced by her gun – to punish us for affronting her Authority.

She is fully attired in her stormtrooperess gear and no doubt feels very powerful – probably because she knows she can Hut! Hut! Hut! with impunity. Or at least, to a degree that us “civilians” would never be able to get away with. It being illegal for us to do what this (and other) AGWs can do as a matter of routine, having been endowed by the state with the Authority to do it.

The comedian Jimmy Dore does a fine job dissecting this. Comedians these days being among the most insightful truth-tellers extant, chiefly because for humor to be funny it must contain truth. It is why Seinfeld was hilarious when he wrote the episode about Kramer refusing to wear the AIDS pin.

This is less funny –  but no less truthful.

This woman isn’t merely an AGW. She is a pathological narcissist with a grudge against anyone who does not genuflect before her august presence. She is a danger to anyone who has the bad luck to encounter her, who does not have a shield (and a gun to go with it).

Otherwise, it’s Hut! Hut! Hut!

This is among the core afflictions besetting us. It is also the incarnation of the fact that of the absurd assertion  that these AGWs “serve” us. In fact, they serve Authority – as its archetypes and its enforcers. They regard themselves as above the law while we are obliged to obey it. And them – because in their minds, they are the law.

And when they are caught on video flagrantly abusing it, what usually happens? Nothing. Or at least, very little – relative to what would happen to us for doing the same. In this case, the hero-ess states clearly that she will find a way to get you, if you affront her Authority. In plain language – her language – she will make something up. And then use her badge and gun to pin it on you.

. . .

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