AI, Transhumanism, and the rapidly approaching merger of man and machine

Post by Jesse Elder

We cannot outpace the fact that our biology is almost exactly the same as our ancestors of 10,000 years ago.

To deny this reality and still hope to somehow bridge our institutionally conditioned and socially programmed physical deficits is perhaps the reason why so many people are enchanted in a completely starry eyed infatuation with “what’s next” for humans.

I don’t know a single human who possesses basic physical competence (survival, security, shelter, and sustenance) who is excited about their own personal merging of machine intelligence with their human beingness.

And I’ve observed that almost without exception, those who are most eager for the transition to machine merging are also physically weak relative to their ancestors or their true capacity, and thus they are prey to the terrible subconscious fear that stems from the inescapable knowledge that they wouldn’t last 3 days in a primal environment.

Sadly, most people are not completely alive and at home within their own body and mind.

So to a certain extent, I understand their wish to accelerate out of their fear by relying as much as possible on technology (as they have with money) to save them from facing their failure to become all that they as a human can be.

This may sound harsh, but I didn’t invent the laws of nature.

Our bodies are still barely past the Neanderthal phase.

Our minds seem to yearn desperately for ignorance of this reality.

We are heading into what is definitely going to be a very interesting chapter of our species.


Get in the best possible shape of your life,

in every category you can.

Then see how you feel about what

everyone else is so gleefully cheering.

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