American Politicians Call for Genocide Against Palestinians as They Buy War Stocks – Gaza Doctors Issue ‘SOS To Whole World’

  • October 12, 2023

Top images: Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Lindsey Graham, Former Governor Nikki Haley

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The war in Israel continues to command headline news this week, as many U.S. lawmakers have now gone public to support the destruction of Gaza and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

This is now my third article on the war in Israel. Please see the first two articles for more background information on this terrorist attack and war:

War Breaks Out in the Middle East – Beware of the U.S. Media One-Sided Coverage

Captured Hamas Terrorist: “We Prepared for Over a Year – We were Shocked that IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) were not Waiting for Us” – Netanyahu Supporting Hamas?

Since this is a highly emotional topic, this is what I have included about myself in the first two articles, in case anyone is considering an emotional response to attack me:

And just a reminder for some of our newer readers who may not know much about me, I have spent a significant portion of my adult life, in my earlier years, living in the Middle East. I was fluent in Turkish at one time and spent many years in Turkey, including working with Kurdish refugees after the Gulf War, and I have also lived in Saudi Arabia for several years where I taught English at the university level.

Most Americans have never even met or befriended a Muslim, let alone visited or lived in a Muslim country, and have bought into the propaganda that lumps all Muslims into one category (Jihad terrorists), and also vilifies anyone who dares to mention anything negative about Israel, and the Zionist agenda which most Evangelical Christians (wrongly) believe is a fulfillment of prophecy.

I have a BA from one of the top Zionist Evangelical schools in America, so I know the Zionist view very well, having been trained in it. But I have been studying the Bible for over 40 years now, and have never embraced the Zionist view, even while a Bible School student back in the early 1980s, because the modern day Zionist views are not taught anywhere in the Bible. In fact, the opposite is actually taught.

As I write this today, October 11, 2023, Israel appears to be ready to launch troops to go into Gaza and “wipe Hamas from the face of the earth.” (Source.)

U.S. politicians are echoing this same sentiment, even while acknowledging that there is no way to destroy Hamas without also killing millions of innocent children and civilians, the very same thing Hamas terrorists just did to Israelis this past weekend.

Senator Marco Rubio:

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Rubio: “Is there a way for Israel to destroy Hamas without causing massive casualties against the innocent people of Gaza? There are more than two million people in the Gaza Strip and roughly a million of them are children.”

Rubio replied: “Yeah, I don’t think there’s any way Israel can be expected to co-exist or find some diplomatic off-ramp with these savages. I mean, these are people, as you’ve been reporting and others have seen, that deliberately targeted teenage girls, women, children, the elderly … just horrifying things, and I don’t think we know the full extent of it yet. I mean, there’s more to come in the days and weeks ahead. You can’t exist. They have to be eradicated.”

In an apparent reference to civilian casualties, Rubio continued, “And you pointed out the difficult challenge. This is going to be incredibly painful. This is going to be incredibly difficult. And it’s going to be horrifying, the price to pay. But even more horrifying is allowing a group like this to continue to be a viable group operating from a space that they control. I wish, you know, in an ideal world, people will tell you that there is, but I just don’t — I don’t see any other option. It’s a terrible option, but it remains the only option.” (Source.)

Senator Lindsey Graham:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday declared that “we’re in a religious war” and called for Israel to “level” the Gaza Strip, home to over 2 million people, including about 1 million children.

“We’re in a religious war here. I am with Israel. Do whatever the hell you have to do to defend yourself. Level the place,” Graham said on Fox News. (Source.)

Former Governor Nikki Haley:

Her proposed solution to the current war is an all-out genocide. “I say this to Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu: Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this. You know Iran is behind it. Finish them,” she proudly shouted at the TV. (Source.)

Jordan Majors, writing for Finbold News, a financial publication, reported that some US congressional leaders have been investing in military-related stocks.

As tensions escalate between Israel and the Hamas group, it has been revealed US congressional leaders have been making some strategic investment moves into military-related stocks.

For starters, defense company General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) has witnessed a surge in purchases. This isn’t entirely unexpected; defense stocks often become attractive during times of geopolitical tension. Remember the Ukrainian war? We saw a similar trend then. (Source.)

Investing in War is what has primarily kept the the U.S. economy limping along since the funding dried up for COVID, and that began with the Ukraine war in 2022.

Did you know the Russia-Ukraine War is a great “investment” for the United States? A terrific opportunity to kill lots of Russians and to destroy lots of their military equipment at a relatively cheap cost to us? (Just don’t mention the price paid by Ukraine.) It gives new meaning to the expression “making a killing” on the “market.”

To Gordon Gekko’s infamous “greed is good” speech we must now add “war is good.” That war is “right.” That it “works”—at least for America, allegedly.

War as an “investment” truly symbolizes the moral bankruptcy of conventional discourse in the U.S. political mainstream. Instead of war being a calamity, a catastrophe, a realm of death and destruction, dare I say even a mortal sin of grievous evil, we’re told that instead it’s an investment that’s paying dividends, especially in that growth stock known as Ukraine. (Full article.)

As is well-known, however, the U.S. Government and their military contractors don’t keep track of the weapons they supply to warring countries, and they often end up all around the world in the hands of terrorists.

CBS got in trouble when they reported that only 30% of U.S. military aid ever made it to the front lines in Ukraine for a documentary they were producing.

CBS said it was updating a documentary that said most weapons sent to Ukraine don’t reach the front. It admitted that a figure it cited claiming only 30% of military aid arrives was out of date. The documentary angered some in the Ukrainian government. CBS said it was adding “new information.” (Source.)

Palestinian militants at 19-year-old Ahmad Awawda’s funeral in Jenin on October 8, 2023 © Zain JAAFAR / AFP – Source.

And now there are reports that the Hamas terrorists used American-made weapons to kill Israelis.

Are Hamas fighters using American weapons meant for Ukraine? When it comes to arms supplies, the US is its friends’ worst enemy

Throughout recent history, the perceived weapon of choice for a terrorist (or freedom fighter, depending on one’s perspective) has been an AK-47 assault rifle. Today, in the aftermath of the so-called post-9/11 “global war on terror,” it’s not uncommon to see such fighters with a Glock 9mm pistol, or a Colt M4 carbine.

These are weapons paid-for by the US taxpayer and ostensibly provided to forces joined in the cause of defeating terrorists and/or freedom fighters (again, depending on the political beliefs of the observer), but that end up in the hands of the latter instead.

The most recent example of this phenomenon appears to involve Hamas and the attacks perpetrated by militants affiliated with that organization on military and civilian targets in southern Israel. A video, the authenticity of which has yet to be verified, purports to show a Hamas fighter thanking Ukraine for the provision of small arms, ammunition, and hand grenades. More videos, taken during the actual assaults, show the Hamas fighters armed with a plethora of US-made weapons.

These videos have alarmed some US lawmakers, such as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia’s 14th District, who, in the immediate aftermath of the Hamas attack, Tweeted/Xeeted “We need to work with Israel to track serial numbers on any US weapons used by Hamas against Israel. Did they come from Afghanistan?” the Congresswoman asks. “Did they come from Ukraine? Highly likely the answer is both.” (Full article.)

Hamas police officer carries a wounded girl into a hospital in Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023. Mahmoud Essa/Copyright 2023 The AP. All rights reserved. Source.

Meanwhile, the slaughter of Palestinian people in Gaza continues, as all civil services including electricity, fuel and water have been cut off.

Doctors in Gaza have sent out an “SOS message” to the world, saying that after four straight nights of the biggest Israeli air campaign in years (or perhaps history), all civil services including electricity, fuel and water are suffering collapse.

Officials at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City have further claimed the Israelis are targeting first responders, as the death toll among Palestinians has soared passed 940, with at least 140 children among the dead. An estimated 263,000 Palestinians have been displaced thus far.

A Gaza health official announced Wednesday, “We are suffering … and the world is not moving a finger. This is an SOS to the whole world… you must help us,” and further confirmed Gaza’s sole power plant has run out of fuel. Israel had already cut all external electricity and water supply sources.

Al Jazeera has cited its correspondent to say Gaza residents are “trapped in a cage” with nowhere to exit amid the unrelenting Israeli airstrikes:

Gaza has been completely locked up by Israel, and it was already in a deteriorating humanitarian condition for many years because of a long-lasting blockade.

But these five days have been extraordinary. A complete blockade, no power, no water, no food supply, no medical supply and on top of all of that, continuous bombardment.

All supplies are running out since there are no open emergency or humanitarian corridors for any kind of aid to enter the Gaza Strip. The people are trapped in a cage with no access to help from the outside.

(Full Article.)

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Netanyahu’s “False Flag”, Connecting the Dots – and More

by Peter Koenig

Most people, including journalists on both sides of the aisle – mainstream and non-mainstream — seem to believe that this a one-off war, a surprise attack by Hamas, the “defenders” of Palestine.

It is not.

Connecting a few dots over the past 70 years may help better understand what is going on in the Middle East, Israel-Palestine – and around the world. How the bloody Israel-Palestine conflict fits into the Big Picture.

What if Hamas has been created either by Israel directly, or rather by the US-UK-Israel Secret Services for the “benefit” of Israel, for precisely the reason they (Hamas) are used today: to justify Israel’s all-out war for wiping out Palestine, for extending her territory, absorbing over time about as much as a third or half of the current Middle East – into Greater Israel?

For the wellbeing of the “Chosen People”?

Hamas has no chance in heaven to win this war. It is David against Goliath. Except in this case, David is Hamas and Goliath is Israel. Both Hamas and Israel know it.

What if Hezbollah was also created by the same villains for the same reasons, to create chaos and eventually war in the Middle East? They are the official “protectors” of Lebanon (similar to Hamas for Palestine) but, with their possible aggression on Israel, or their involvement in the current war, they will make sure that Lebanon will be one of the countries absorbed by Israel. Israel’s massively US-military-supported IDF (Israel Defense Forces) may just crush Hezbollah and take over Lebanon.

This plan is not known by most people. Netanyahu becoming prime minister again in December 2022, despite his narrowly losing the election, is a well-planned scam, supported by the well-known secret services and the Kazarian Zionists, supporting Israel’s expansion throughout the Middle East.

Let us not forget, Israel is the power broker for the western world. They control worldwide banking and corporate finance, communication, Hollywood, art, education systems – and more.

Already in 1815, Nathan Rothschild, British financier and member of the Rothschild banking family, made his famous statement:

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

The same Nathan Rothschild also infamously said, “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

See this and this.

This is precisely a reflection on what we are living today – a limitless quest for superiority, no matter what it costs, in money and blood.

Back to Hezbollah: Lebanon has also lots of natural resources, off-shore oil and a deep off-shore sweet water aquifer. Current Israeli territories have almost no fresh water, one of the reasons (among many others) Israel wants to take over the so-called West Bank, where about 80% of all the fresh water sources of greater Palestine (before 1948) is located and which Israel now is virtually stealing from Palestine.

Palestine also has natural gas. The Gaza Marine is a natural gas field less than 40 km off the coast of the Gaza Strip. The deposits of the Gaza Marine natural gas field are estimated at 35 BCM, larger than those of Israel’s Yam Tethys maritime gas field. See this.

The Role of Al Qaeda

In the same spirit of Hamas and Hezbollah, Al Qaeda was created in the early 1980s. Al Qaeda is a Sunni pan-Islamist militant organization; an international “terrorist” organization which was to generate unrest around the world, as needed, to justify military interventions – mostly by the US and UK – and destabilization of otherwise stable (and mostly resources-rich) Middle East and African countries. Al Qaeda has also been operating in Asia — for example in Pakistan, where it supposedly was founded; also in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and elsewhere.

U.S. Weapons for Hamas 

It is no coincidence that weapons used by Hamas in this “assault” on Israel are of US origin, earlier shipped to Kiev to fight Russia. By now it is no secret that about 70% of US- and EU-supplied weapons never made it to the Ukrainian front fighting Russia, but rather to the black market, from where tracing them was thought to be next to impossible. See this.

Washington and Brussels – the EU puppets of the wannabe empire – knew from the beginning about the deviation of a large proportion of weaponry to the black market. But they did nothing against it. Did they know this was a covert way of arming Hamas and possibly Hezbollah for a soon to come, well-planned “hot” war with Israel?

Amazingly, since Benjamin Netanyahu had been made PM again, he had been advancing a judicial reform which was considered as damaging to Israel’s democracy and devastating to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Many potential recruits have refused to serve. Analysts warned that this might crack the IDF and its ability to defend the state. See this.

Would Netanyahu not have known about the risks to the IDF of his judicial reform?

The Broader Picture. Connecting the Dots 

The Washington Consensus 

In parallel with these “terrorist” organizations — the creations of US-UK-Israel secret services – the financial behemoths also worked their program out. They convened the so-called Washington Consensus, created in 1989, by the three key US-controlled Financial Organizations: Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank.

The covert purpose of the Washington Consensus was to indebt the so-called developing world, beginning with Latin America (the “US backyard,” a Washington-coined term), to make them (fully) dependent on the US.

Loans were no longer development project-based but rather “blank checks”, according to a list of “goodies” that were to be purchased or built, and conditions for tranches of disbursements within a given timeframe but hardly any supervision by the lenders on whether the items on the list and conditions were fulfilled.

With corruption rampant on both sides of the aisle – lenders and recipients – money often disappeared but accumulated as debt in the countries’ treasuries.

Washington Consensus policies were applied throughout the world, with the same purpose. Through these policies and the largely dollarized economies of the purported “Third World” countries, economic crises could be created at will, and as needed, provoked, or accompanied by terrorist-caused chaos and upheavals to shuffle more of the resources, natural and otherwise, from these countries to the top, the US and European world elite.

With this “economic domination” and the terror created to cause unrest when needed, the control of much of the Global South could be guaranteed.

Intelligence Ops. and “Climate Change”

At about the same time from the 1950’s to the 90s, Operation Gladio was launched by the CIA and other western secret services, especially in Italy, France and Germany, to wipe out or convert the then-strong socialist and left movements. They were literally disabled in Europe.

In the 1980s, overlapping with the annihilation of the left, the Green Movement took hold in Europe and later in the US. Leaders were Greenpeace, the World Wild Life Fund, Friends of the Earth – among many – gradually converting the minds of the left into defending nature, fighting so-called Ozone holes, “Climate Change” and more.

With the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro attended by 172 nations, the cornerstone for what has since become the “climate change” movement with the ensuing so far about 27 COPs, had been set.

COP stands for “Conference of the Parties,” meaning those countries who joined are “party to,” and belong to the international treaty called the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change  (UNFCCC). See this.

“Climate Change” — the all-infiltrating climate change agenda has since become a religion. The social and mind manipulation necessary to make it a religion is largely the achievement of the Tavistock Institute for Social Engineering based in the UK, in close collaboration with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a military-security and intelligence thinktank linked to the Pentagon.

The conversion from socialist thinking to green thinking is also mostly the work of Tavistock and DARPA.

Since the 1940s, Tavistock and DARPA – and possibly others – have gained scientific knowledge on how humans’ psyche and social behavior tick to bend and “influence” them, according to the needs of the elite and wannabe One World Order (OWO) gurus.

The Cold War and Its Aftermath

One of the main precursors to this sequence of events was the Club of Rome, a first informal meeting took place in Rome in 1956. It was then overshadowed by the Cold War, which was supposed to squash the already WWII-weakened Soviet Union.

The US funded Hitler’s war to fight the USSR, the main purpose of WWII.

It failed miserably. The funding came directly from the US Fed via the Basel-based Bank for International Settlement (BIS – Rothschild controlled), located just a few kilometres  from the German border, making for easy transfer to the German Reichsbank, at that time in suitcases full of cash.

The first President of the BIS was a former Deputy Chairman of the Fed.

Since this approach to conquer Russia (USSR) failed, the Cold War was introduced under totally false pretenses. It eventually succeeded, temporarily (from 1991 to 1999) to break the Soviet Union, with the collaboration of the corrupted Yeltsin Government, compliments of Washington. Then Vladimir Putin arrived on the scene to salvage his country. He has done so astonishingly well.

The West is in steep decline and will not be able to conquer Russia nor China. They have different profiles of ethics, morale, and humanity.

The Club of Rome

The formal creation of the Club of Rome (COR), a Rockefeller idea (not European), took place in 1968 in Rome. The COR is since headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, along with many other dubious organizations protected by generous Swiss legislation.

From the beginning, the COR was pushing for a United Europe but never a sovereign European Federation à la US of A, with their own Constitution, lest Washington would not be able to control her (the European Union).

The EU must have a common currency, the little sister of the US dollar (same principle, made of thin air), which, of course, the founders knew would not work. A single currency for the 19 of the 27 countries, with different legislation, economies, cultures, languages, and no common Constitution, i.e., monetary policy and legislation, is bound to fail.

The break-up of the EU is just a matter of time. It will blend in with the rest of the chaos which is ever rising, with accelerating speed, and causing millions of deaths.

An estimated 25 to 30 million people perished since WWII caused by US-initiated conflicts and wars around the globe. The Israel-Palestine confrontation is just the latest of such killing machine.

Many analysts warn about a nuclear WWIII. They did so with Ukraine, and now again with this deadly Israel-Palestine conflict.

We are already in WWIII, just not nuclear. Nuclear is no longer necessary, as it might destroy most of modern infrastructure, life on earth – all the things the wannabe reigning elite covets. And who knows, they may risk their own lives with a potential nuclear confrontation.

Today’s bio-warfare, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW – see Maui, Hawaii, and California) and not least, geoengineering the climate – to destroy in a targeted way food crops, infrastructure, and housing around the world, with extreme heat waves, flooding, hurricanes and even earthquakes, can do at least as much damage in terms of famine, misery and death, as a nuclear war.

Plus, with a Tavistock-engineered mind, the damage is easily being ascribed to “climate change.”

In 1972, the COR issued the infamous “Limits to Growth” report, which as of this day is the blueprint for the WEF’s Great Reset and the UN Agenda 2030 with one of the key objectives: reducing massively the world population, also called “useless eaters”, by Israeli professor Yuval Noah Hariri, Klaus Schwab’s close advisor. Gigantic population reduction is one of the main goals of the WEF’s Great Reset and the interlinked UN Agenda 2030.

The UN-WEF Pact of Cooperation

In 2019, WEF Chairman, Klaus Schwab, and UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, signed a Pact of Cooperation that is illegal, immoral, and a huge conflict of interest.

Image left, Klaus Schwab and UNSG Antonio Guterres

The UN is no longer a trustworthy 193-member international organization, created in 1945 to foster world peace.

Nowadays, illegality as we knew it, does not count anymore. The world is now “guided” by the elite’s “rules-based order” — a set of non-legal rules that can be adapted according to the needs of the wannabe “rulers.”

Interestingly, nobody protested this unholy partnership between the UN and the World Economic Forum. So, UN Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset / 4th Industrial Revolution are identical per se, pursuing the same objectives and goals.

As a face-saving stint of cosmetics over the stained UN image, a special UN commission may launch an inquiry into war crimes committed during the Israel-Palestine war. The outcome will likely be what most people guess it will be – Israel is absolved. See this.

An author of Limits to Growth, Dennis Meadows, recently said in a video the world is overpopulated and its inhabitants must be massively (about 86%) reduced for good equilibrium. Although, he did not volunteer as one of those having to be “reduced”. See this.

Concluding Remarks

The current Israel-Palestine war will not be short, predicted and announced by PM Benjamin Netanyahu on the first day of the war on Saturday 7 October 2023.

How does he know?

It looks like this conflict may go into the direction of the never-ending, like Afghanistan, Ukraine, Somalia, Sudan and of course, still troubled Iraq, and many more. All of which are contributing to this Death Cult – genocide for population reduction, chaos, wherever you look – and fear, fear, and more fear, weapon of choice to cause submission and destruction of economies and eventually transfer of resources from the bottom to the top.

The new war also contributes to the pursuit of the un-pursuable — a One World Government — and as an agenda within the agenda — to the achievement of Greater Israel for the “Chosen People.”

It will not happen.

But the human suffering until the collapse of this diabolical nightmare may be horrendous.

We, the People, must plan creating another society based on independent and sovereign communities, with own money and own local banking, trading with each other, maybe in the future linking up communities. And foremost, away from all-controlling digitization.

Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

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