Another IQ Test

  • May 26, 2024

Hundreds of millions of people failed the last IQ test. They wore “masks” – and they failed to understand that doing so would lead to being pressured to take the drugs they were told would end the need to “mask.” The drugs they believed – because so they were told – would “stop the spread.”

The smarter ones are probably feeling pretty dumb now. Assuming, of course, that they didn’t “die suddenly.”

But how many will be smart enough to pass the next IQ test?

A key metric of intelligence is being able to learn from one’s mistakes. And to not make the same mistakes again. Such as voting for Donald Trump again – and hoping it’ll be different this time – even if he selects another Mike Pence-type again, this time.

Pence would actually be preferable to Nimarata Haley – or Tom Cotton. Or John Bolton. Or Mike Pompeo. Pence, after all, is merely a cypher – a political bot whose chief draw is that he looks like Race Bannon from the old Johnny Quest cartoon series – but just kind of stands there. You don’t expect him to do much – and that’s good when it comes to politics.

But Nimarata and Cotton and Bolton stand with Boeing and Raytheon and the never-ending (and always-beginning) wars that fill their coffers;  some of which money is used to pay for tools such as Nimarata and Cotton and Bolton, et al, so that they can get us into – and paying for – more wars.

And not only do we pay for that, so do the tens of thousands of people slaughtered by the “aid” – meaning weapons – we are forced to pay for. Nimarata, et al, love to send such “aid” to Keeeeeeeev and Israel, the leadership of which is always engaged (so we are told) in a holy defensive action against people who deserve to be slaughtered. Never mind how many tens of thousands are women and children – who pose as much threat to Americans as Ashli Babbitt did to “our democracy” – get slaughtered in the process.

War is the health of the state.

It shuts up people who question war (see the Reichsmarschall’s comment about getting the “common people” to go along with whatever the state orders by framing opposition as “dangerous” and “unpatriotic”). It fosters mass hysteria, which summons mass compliance.

Note the interesting congruity just below surface of superficial incongruity.

On the one hand, there were the people who wore the “mask” – and not only did as they were told, they demanded everyone else do as they were told. It was a community hysteria. When an individual is in the grip of hysteria, he is obviously not part of the (non-hysteric) community and thus his hysteria is clearly exactly that and recognized as such. But when the community is in the grip of a mass hysteria, the individual is seen by the hysterics as dangerous – which of course is very dangerous to the “hysteric,” who is the one who isn’t a hysteric.

On the other hand, note the equally hysteric community that follows the Orange Man around with a doggy devotion that’s very much like the way the people who wore “masks” followed “the science,” as conveyed to them by men such as Anthony Fauci. The “mask” wearers were immune to facts because they very much wanted to believe – just as the followers of Trump also very much want to believe. Even in the face of what they ought to be able to see – if they would only open their eyes.

Will the Red Hats get this? Put another way, will the Red Hats vote for this?

If they do, they will have deserved to get what they voted for (again).

Unfortunately, we’ll get it, too. Good and hard. Again.

. . .

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