Artificial Intelligence is the New “Danger” the Government Wants to “Protect” You Against

  • June 26, 2023

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Hegelian principle of “order out of chaos” is the principle of creating a crisis that allegedly threatens society, and then proposing the solution to solve that crisis, to achieve some predetermined purpose or purposes.

The COVID-19 Scam is probably the most recent historical example of this principle, as it was a created crisis, by advertising an alleged novel new “virus” that was going to wipe out humanity, with the proposed solution, the COVID-19 “vaccines,” with predetermined purposes which included introducing mRNA “vaccines” into the population who served as guinea pigs, and temporarily rescuing the financial system by bringing in a windfall of funding to the pharmaceutical industry to fight the “unseen enemy,” COVID-19.

This Hegelian principle is attributed to the political theories of Marxism, and only works when government authorities enforce the “solutions” to the alleged threats, and it can only work in a society that is divided against each other, otherwise the society as a whole may wake up to the deception and decide to join forces to fight back against the tyrants.

Here is a short clip from Altiyan Childs’ 5-hour video on the secret ancient religion of Freemasonry where he explains this principle. You can read more about his treatise on Freemasonry here:

Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order

The entire 5-hour video is well worth your time! This is on our Bitchute channel and is less than 3 minutes.

The new “threat” to humanity that the U.S. Government is currently rushing forward to protect us all from, is the alleged threat from “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

The “threat” of AI is generally published through the corporate media as a two-fold threat that requires government regulation: 1. AI could develop superior intelligence and destroy the human race, and 2. AI is going to replace millions of people in the work force.

Both premises are false, and by diverting the public’s attention to these 2 alleged “threats,” they are mostly ignoring (or downplaying) the REAL danger of AI, which is a level of control and censorship that this world has never seen before.

The primary strength of the new AI programs is the incredible speed at which data can be retrieved and packaged into a controlled narrative, and therefore the race is now on to determine who controls all this data.

Who gets to control all this data and control the narratives based on the data, will be decided by government policy all in the name of “protecting the public” from the “dangers” of AI taking away people’s jobs and wiping out humanity.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled his SAFE Innovation Framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which gives us a good idea as to where they want to go with “regulating” AI. (Emphasis mine.)

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., unveiled his SAFE Innovation Framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, saying that the framework will help lead the way for the development of Federal AI policy within “months.”

During a June 21 speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Sen. Schumer outlined a two-part proposal to move America forward on AI: an innovative framework, and the first-of-their-kind AI Insight Forums which will take place in the fall.

“It’s been said that what the locomotive and electricity did for human muscle a century and a half ago, artificial intelligence is doing for human knowledge today as we speak,” Sen. Schumer said during his speech on Wednesday. “But the effect of AI is far more profound and will certainly occur over a much shorter period of time.”

“The question is, what role does Congress and the Federal government have in this new revolution? Are we capable of playing a proactive role in promoting AI’s growth? Can Congress work to maximize AI’s benefits while protecting the American people and all of humanity from its novel risks,” the senator asked.

“Congress must join the AI revolution,” he said in reply.

During CSIS’s Wadhwani Center for AI and Advanced Technologies event, the Senate Majority Leader explained that because Congress, and the world, has never seen a tool like AI, the governing body is basically starting from scratch.

That’s why Sen. Schumer’s new SAFE Innovation Framework for AI will be crucial to yielding new policy over the next several months. (Source.)

And just who will develop these government regulations to “protect the American people and all of humanity from its novel risks“?

Starting in the fall, Sen. Schumer said he will begin inviting “the best of the best” – top AI developers, community leaders, executives, scientists, advocates, workers, and national security experts – to convene in one room to do “years of work in just months.” (Source. Emphasis mine.)

So the threat is so large and so imminent, that the people who created this risk, the AI developers themselves, will be the ones who develop the solutions, and what would normally take “years” will only take “months.”

Hmm…, where have we heard this before? Ah, yes, “Operation Warp Speed” which produced the “solution” to the COVID-19 “virus” that threatened humanity with a new “vaccine” that would normally take “years” to develop but was developed in only “months.”

He explained that the discussion forums will span several different topics that represent the biggest issues in AI, from workforce to national security to privacy and everything in between.

“These Insight Forums are the first of their kind. They have to be the first of their kind, because AI moves so quickly, will change our world so dramatically, is deeper in its complexity, and lacks the legislative history in Congress that other issues have,” Sen. Schumer explained. (Source. Emphasis mine.)

This is the “Great Reset”

The “predetermined purposes” to these “solutions” to this “threat” of AI wiping out humanity, are primarily two-fold: 1. create “Digital IDs” to participate in the economy where you need to surrender your biometrics, such as fingerprints, palm scan, face scans, and iris scans, to “prove” that you are a real human and not an “AI” for the sake of “security,” and 2. crash the financial system and convert over to Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Ironically, it will most likely be the huge financial bubble being created right now with the $billions that are being invested in the frenzy over AI development, which will wipe out a majority of the technology sector, which began last year and accelerated at the end of the 1st quarter here in 2023 with the failure of the Big Tech banks like Silicon Valley Bank.

After this financial crash, only a few technology companies will survive, such as Microsoft, Google (Alphabet),, Oracle, Meta (Facebook), and perhaps a few others.

They, along with their investors, such as JPMorgan Chase, Blackrock, etc., will determine who controls the data, and who controls the government.

So make sure you understand that there are NO POLITICAL solutions to the REAL problems that face our society today, as the politicians do NOT run the country.

Corporate America and their too-big-to-fail banks, where another consolidation is in progress with the financial crash and Great Reset, will determine which candidates “win” the elections, who will all be firmly under their control, at least at the national level in Washington D.C., of these corporations and banks.

That means everyone in the Alternative Media who is spending so much time writing about Trump, DeSantis, RFK Jr., etc. and the 2024 elections, are either willingly or unwittingly distracting you from the real issues and the real people who are destroying this country today.

The only thing that can thwart the plans of Corporate America and the Technocrats from achieving their goals of putting everyone on to the “Internet of Things” in “Smart Cities” where every aspect of our lives will be monitored and controlled, is the resistance of the American people themselves.

And that will only happen if we put aside our political and religious biases that divide us, and focus our attention on the real enemies in Corporate America.

And we are learning more and more each passing day that this financial system was built upon the child sex-trafficking network that was previously run by Jeffrey Epstein and his co-criminals that run Corporate America.

How much longer can this nation, the United States of America, escape God’s judgment?


Is God’s Judgment About to Fall on America? What is the “Mark of the Beast”?

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