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Examining The Real Costs of Drone Warfare

In this episode of Newsbud’s Roundtable Professor Abigail Hall Blanco provides a deeper look into the driving factors behind official drone policy, who it benefits and why. We are also joined by Erik Moshe, a Newsbud Analyst & Author. We cover Erik’s recent series ‘The New Drone Order, Part IV- Reapernomics: An Economic Way of…

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CERN Explains Illuminati Sacrifice with “It was Just a Joke” Cern Explains Illuminati Sacrifice with “It was Just a Joke.” Defense: via @YouTube — Paul Romano (@PocketsotFuture) August 19, 2016 #CERN Playing God To Achieve #AntiMatter #Symmetry — Jana Murray (@janamurray) August 19, 2015 Fake human sacrifice filmed at CERN, with pranking scientists suspected Spokeswoman at high temple of particle physics…


The Shape Of Things to Come?

Top NASA Scientist Discusses The Future of Undersea Warfare by Dennis M. Bushnell Since the 1950s, when more than 50 percent of the nation’s work force became engaged in some type of “information-intensive,” activity, the United States (and the world) have been in the midst of an unprecedented Technological Revolution, currently centered around Information, Biological,…

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Brexit Part Of Elite’s Predesigned Collapse – Daryl Bradford Smith

Youtuber 108morris108 interview with Daryl Bradford Smith on the pre-designed collapse. Follow 108morris108 on Twitter Brexit Part Of Elite's Predesigned Collapse – Daryl Bradford Smith: via @YouTube — Morris® (@108Morris108) June 30, 2016 Daryl Bradford Smith ~ "The Nameless War" by Captain Ramsay #TheRapeOfJustice — Jana Murray (@janamurray) August 26, 2016