Batman Go Home

  • June 17, 2023

The Left spent a lot of time urging that police – that is, the enforcer class – be “de-funded.” Until the Left acquired political power. Suddenly, it was very much in favor of funding the enforcer class.

Just the same as the Left pretended to be in favor of free speech – and pretended to be alarmed by the power of corporations to buy (and so own) the government . . . until the Left acquired power to suppress speech and had control over corporations and thus found itself in a position to buy all the government – brought to you by Pfizer – it wanted.

It is no surprise, accordingly, that the Left’s view of funding the enforcement class changed similarly once the Left acquired charge of it.

This business of “funding” the enforcement class is of course another example of the etymological outrages perpetrated upon the victim class. That is, upon those who are forced to “fund” what they not only do not want but very much object to. Jefferson thought (and wrote) that it is particularly obnoxious to compel a man to hand over money that will be used to propagate ideas he finds contemptible.

How about actions?

Enforcers are paid money taken from those who are forced to provide it – who are then obliged to deal with what are in everything but name an occupying army that regards them as “civilians” – a term used with the same taint of derision that accompanied use of the term “indig” in Iraq (and “gook” in Vietnam).

Never mind that these enforcers are civilians, notwithstanding their Cracker Jack-issue “sergeant” (and four-star “general”) “ranks.” Which nonetheless serve to enhance the dangerous delusion that they are serving in some sort of war. A delusion exacerbated by the military costumes they wear, which are almost identical to the Battle Dress Uniforms worn by the actual military. High-powered pistols strapped to the thighs. Utility belts with multiple extra magazines. Body armor. “Operator” baseball caps. They appear ready to go to war.

And they are. Because it is a war, in fact. But they are “serving” in the same way that the EyeAreS “asks” you to pay what it says you “owe.” Be grateful it does not “ask” for more. For everything. Which of course it inevitably will, the principle having been established that you “owe” them anything at all.

Back to this business of policing.

That would be a start.

Disabuse these policemen of the dangerous idea that they aren’t civilians, just like the rest of us. A beginning toward that end would be to stop dressing them up as the soldiers they’re not. Or at least, ought not to be. It is not merely absurd for a traffic cop to wear BDUs, web gear and body armor, it is  . . . dangerous. To us. Because of the paranoia it imparts that we – the “civilians” – are a “threat” to the “safety” of traffic cops. It causes us to dread them and it encourages them to fear us. It escalates every encounter by emphasizing the separation between the “civilian” and the soldat. It is much easier for the latter to regard the former as an indig – or a gook – and to treat him accordingly.

Shorn of their military regalia, they become civilian police once more. And by dint of that, less apt to treat their fellow civilians as indigs and gooks.

It would be a start, at any rate.

A next step would be to deal with – to end – this dangerous madness of enforcement. Not all laws are good. Some are evil. Enforcing evil merely because it is the law does not make it good. At Nuremburg, all those years ago, men who enforced the law were convicted – and some hanged – for the evil acts they perpetrated in the name of the law. It was established – well, it was said – that the law is no excuse for the doing of evil. And yet, it has become exactly that and in ways all-too-obvious to bother enumerating. Soldiers are obliged to not obey illegal orders – which overlap evil orders. The same ought to be so for civilian policemen, though getting them to recognize evil would require them having a moral sense to begin with and that is something purposely trained out of them, long before they become policemen.

So perhaps that is asking too much, for now.

But holding them accountable when they violate the law – and the rights (such as remain) of civilians – to at least the same degree that we are held accountable when we violate the law ought not to be a bridge too far. If it is illegal for us, it ought to be equally illegal for them. There ought also to be far less tolerance of them acting illegally as they are empowered and we aren’t. Abuse of authority is a worse and more dangerous offense than affronting it.

If a policeman is found to have violated the law in any serious way – e.g., something more serious than “speeding,” say – he not only ought to be made to suffer the same consequences as any of us who did the same but also no longer be able to “serve” as a policeman, ever again.


That – and the shedding of battle regalia – would at least be a start.

. . .

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