Better Than Paying it Forward

  • November 12, 2023

You have probably heard about “paying it forward” – by which is meant (essentially) do something nice, proactively.

Paying cash is even better – because if enough of us refuse to pay otherwise, it will be difficult for not-nice people to impose something awful on us. That being, of course, the elimination of cash – which entails something far worse than paying for things digitally (as in Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC).

It ought to be obvious what “digital” money will allow. Just the right word – and in italics for just that reason. You will be allowed to buy what those who control your money decide to allow you to buy. They will have the power to do this by dint of knowing what you’re trying to buy – and also how much money you have.

Digital money is supervisory money. It is like being on allowance, when you were a kid – with your parent in control of your money. It is more like company store money. You worked for the company, which paid you in company money – coupons, basically – that you used to buy the company’s products at company stores under the terms and conditions set forth by the company.

But at least you didn’t have to work for the company. You could leave the company town for greener pastures. No one will have anywhere to go – where they can freely buy or sell – when money is digitized by the government, which is owned by the banks. Both want very much to be able to control what you’re allowed to do with the money you’re allowed to use, because this is how they will control you.

Imagine what it would have been like during the choreographed event styled the “pandemic” if the government (via the banks) had been able to lock-down your ability to buy food or fuel unless you proved you were playing your part, as by wearing a “mask” and – later – rolling up your sleeve.

Your compliance established via QR code and becoming the condition of your being allowed to buy or sell. This is just how it’s done in China and could just as easily be done here. If they succeed in turning America into something like China, you won’t be able t buy a can of soda from a vending machine without their permission – or their knowledge.

No more “unreported” tips – if you work in the service industry. No more getting paid for a side gig in cash that they don’t know about. You will pay full tax-theft on every digital cent you’re allowed to earn – assuming they allow you to earn it. Go back to that dirty business about the “vaccines” – and those who declined to injected with them denied (or cast out of) employment.

But at least they were able to still buy things like food and fuel with whatever money they still had.

In a “digitized” system, this escape route would be closed off. First, you get fired- or not hired – because you refuse to “mask up” or be injected with whatever drugs they’re pushing or perhaps because you objected to being “asked” to participate in a Struggle Session about your white privilege or heterosexuality. Then you discover your piece of plastic – or your smartphone – no longer works, in terms of your no longer being able to use them to buy things.

Not until you do “mask up,” roll up your sleeve – and so on.

They’ll also use their power over what is no longer your money to supervise what and how much they allow you to buy with it. Gas – or electricity – for instance. They will know ahead of time how much you’ve used already and may decree you’ve used enough, already. Your “carbon footprint” is too large.

Sorry, Charlie.

And the same with regard to such extravagances as meat, which you won’t be able to buy more (or even any) of whenever they decide to not allow you to buy it.

Tell it to the hand? Tell it to the implacable machine.

But we still have the power to prevent this digital company town from ever coming into being, if enough of us adamantly use cash to pay for things. Don’t accept being told they don’t accept cash. They must accept it. It is still legal tender, for all debts public and private. Use the law, just as the law is so often used against us.

Don’t let them turn your money into their money.

. . .

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