• April 22, 2024

Have you heard about “bi-directional” charging? General Motors is going to be offering this capability with the battery powered version of the ’24 Chevy Silverado RST.  This capability will be added to its other battery powered devices, GM says. Other manufacturers of devices – including Rivian and Tesla – are touting similar capability.

What does it mean?

Well, GM says it means that a device so equipped can be used to power your home – when the grid power goes down. Electrical power can go both ways, as it were. Use the home’s grid power to charge up the device and – when the grid power goes down – use the device to keep the power on.

What GM does not say much about are the implications of this. The probable real purpose  of this. A news article mentions it, in passing. Bi-directional charge capability will “allow electric vehicles to not only receive energy but also send it back, enabling the vehicle to share power with other devices or even the utility grid.”

Italics added.

In other words, the grid will be able to suck the charge out of your device while you thought it was being charged. The implication being you won’t even own the electricity you paid for that was used to charge your device; you will be permitted to use it – if there isn’t a more pressing need. Such as the grid being so overtaxed trying to charge up other devices – or keep the lights on (and the AC/heat, too) that power must be extracted to compensate for what can’t be generated.

In those situations, it’s cheaper for the utility company to gain power quickly and locally,” explains Lynne Kiesling, an economist and research professor with CU-Denver’s College of Engineering, Design & Computing. “You don’t have to deal with power-line losses because the longer the distance you transmit electricity, you lose some of it. There’s also an environmental benefit because a utility (company) doesn’t have to fire up a gas or coal plant to respond to that emergency.”

An emergency that is the consequence of lack of generating capacity to meet the demand imposed by the coerced “electrification” of everything. Not just cars but also stoves and home heating systems. Rather than distribute the load among several different power sources, including natural gas – so as to reduce the overall demand for electricity – demand is to be artificially increased without any meaningful effort to meet the demand so as to avoid the need to restrict supply.

This assumes, of course, that restricting the supply is not the desired end result. It seems a silly assumption given the self-evident disconnect between mandating increased demand without doing what is necessary to meet that demand.

Speaking of demands . . .

People will not be asked to “share power,” as per the soft-voiced news story. No more than they are asked to “contribute” to Social Security. As in the latter case – as in all cases when the corporate-government oligarchy “asks” anything of you – you will not have the choice to say no, thanks.

What will happen is that the corporate-government oligarchy – which controls the grid – will decide how much electricity you’re allowed to use. And when. This “bi-directional” business is both an elaboration of the oilily styled “smart” devices already in many people’s homes and the “smart” meters already affixed to most people’s homes – as well as a kind of sotto voce confession by the corporate-government oligarchs that they know perfectly well the grid is not up to the demand they’re increasing – and they don’t care.

That they have planned it this way.

The so-called “smart” devices (whenever you come across that word in the context of a device, immediately translate it in your mind as meaning a controlling device) are part of the plan – to control your allotted energy use. The EV is the device that will be used to control your allotted driving, by controlling in real time the energy you’re allowed to have that is necessary for it be other than a very heavy paperweight.

The italics are meant to emphasize an important difference between grid power electricity and gasoline. Once you have pumped your tank full of the latter (or stored a few gallons in jugs in a shed) the fuel is under your control and it cannot be redistributed except by physical force. You do not have to worry about waking up tomorrow to discover that overnight your tank was emptied – unless someone physically came to your place and drained it.

Electricity stored in a battery-powered device connected to the grid, on the other hand, can be drained at the pleasure of the government-corporate oligarchy that controls the grid and which is purposefully pushing for the “electrification” of everything for exactly that reason, which has no more to do with preventing the “climate” from “changing” than the wearing of Face Diapers “stopped the spread.”

Never mind.

GM Energy is committed to making the transition to an all-electric lifestyle an even more compelling option by simplifying all aspects of personal energy management,” says Wade Sheffer, vice president of GM Energy. “With the introduction of these new offerings, it has never been easier for our customers to access the expanded benefits of a holistic EV ecosystem, helping to mitigate the impacts of power outages and having the ability to offset certain energy costs over time.”

Mark the italicized text.

“compelling option”? This will be as “optional” as filing what are styled “your” taxes every April 15. The “compelling” part is true enough, however.

“Access the benefits”? Of waking up to a discharged device?

Did you ever imagine an American automobile manufacturer would tout  the “expanded benefits of a holistic EV ecosystem”?

That’s what happens when you transition to being a manufacturer of devices. And when you fundamentally transform a country. Or – more accurately – vote to elect someone who promised to do exactly that.

. . .

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