Big Mike in 2024?

  • June 15, 2023

There is much speculation about who will be selected resident next year. Will it be what’s left of Joe Biden after 81 years of grifting?

Or will it be Big Mike?

Maybe the Time is Now – as was the campaign slogan of Ronald Reagan all those years ago. But that was a long time ago, when the idea of someone like Big Mike getting anywhere near the White House was about as believable as the idea that millions of Americans would one day wear Face Diapers.

And yet, they did. And so, they might.

Many would . . . “embrace” America’s first lady becoming America’s first man. Or something like that. It would certainly be hard not to “embrace” the idea, as that would be transphobic and (of course) racist.

A two-fer!

Actually, a three-fer in that it would amount to his third term. The man who cannot (legally) run again could run things again. Well, continue running them – this time, more directly. And who would dare challenge him?

Or him?

It’s spectacular. A fitting end punkt to the American story of decline and fall. Of a piece with the enthronement of Heliogabalus, one of Rome’ last emperors and the first to transition – which he is said to have done by his own hand.

It is also much more plausible than anything else, given everything else. Behold Admiral Rachel Levine. Behold Sam Brinton.

Why not him, next? If she is in fact he. Who knows? It certainly could be.

Anyway, the way has been paved. Precedent set. It is almost inevitable that Big Mike – or someone like him – will follow.

And what will follow her-him?

If history is any guide – and it is often is – it will be the same thing, in its essentials, that followed on the heels (and skirts) of Heliogabalus. Dissolution usually attended the nihilism, derangement and tiredeness that follows in its wake. The American people cannot be roused to their senses, having lost them. Having accepted – many of them – that they must “accept.”

Anything. Everything.

That is not the point. The accepting is. It is what they have been taught since they could walk in the government schools they were sent to by parents who also accepted – and never taught anything different.

And so, here we are – almost.

The Great Reveal is probably close at hand.

Get ready to “embrace” what’s coming.

. . .

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