Calling Dr. Zhivago

  • January 12, 2024

If you’ve seen the classic film about a Russian doctor caught up in the Sovietization of Russia, you will already know how this story goes.

And may be going, again.

The Left – which is Sovietizing America – has been literally flooding the country with “immigrants” and “refugees” from every country in the world. These people are the method by which the country is to be Sovietized. It is expected that the bulk of these people – being poor – will be interested in other people’s things. The Left intends to consolidate its power by offering these people other people’s things, including their homes.

This was one of the central themes of the movie. Dr. Zhivago, the lead character, was obliged to “share” his home with people who didn’t have one. “Share” in air fingers quotation marks to denote the fact that he was forced to “share.” Just the same as when a Leftists “asks” you to hand over a “fair share” of the money you earned.

If you think such “sharing” will never happen here, you may want to think harder.

People are already obliged to “share” their earnings with people who did not earn them. The people who have already been told they have a right to such things as health care and “free” (meaning, paid for by you) education. Why – logically – do these people also not have a “right” to your home?

Or at least, a room in your home?

After all, you probably have one you’re not using and it’s unfair that anyone should have to sleep outside or in a tent when you have a room to spare. Just the same as the “fair share” of the money you earned belongs by “right” to someone else, just because they need it and you have it.

This is the fundamental thesis of the Sovietizers. Except, of course, insofar as it applies to themselves. Stalin and his apparatchiks lived within the Kremlin; the proletariat lived outside it – in homes that fell into decay and disrepair when no one owned them anymore and so no one cared about maintaining them anymore. People – dozens, sometimes -“shared” a common bathroom and you were lucky if you didn’t have to “share” a bedroom.

Stalin, of course, had a private bedroom. And had use of several homes. That’s in italics to make a point of mentioning the genius of the Sovietizers. They understood that the people they impoverished would not abide a handful of autocrats owning everything, Medieval-era Lod-of-the-manor style. They derided exactly that, to depose the Tsar – who operated Russia like a Medieval fief. So did his inheritors – Stalin referred to himself as the Red Tsar – but with a critical difference.

They made a point of not owning anything. Technically. Private property did not exist – legally – in the Soviet Union. But the leadership of the Soviet Union controlled everything. And control is the operative definition of ownership.  Stalin controlled his dachas – plural – so no one he didn’t want within could bed down there. He also controlled everyone else’s living quarters – and so controlled who was allowed within them, too. If he wanted you to house a dozen “refugees” in what used to be (legally/technically) your home, the “refugees” would be bedding-down in your home, like it or not.

Ask Dr. Zhivago.

This is what will come – inevitably – of flooding the country with “refugees” in need of a place to bed down. As well as many other things besides. The Left has already established that what’s yours isn’t, really. You are allowed – for now – to keep a share of what you earned. You are allowed to occupy your home – for now – so long as you continue to pay the government for the privilege. Never mind that you paid for your home -or so you thought you had.

These encroachments of Sovietization will inevitably lead to full Sovietization – because it follows. If you “owe” someone else a “fair share” of what you earned, how can you logically object when the Soviets tell you you “owe” a share of your home to someone else who needs it?

Just wait for it.

Because it’s coming.

In fact, it’s already here. For now, in asking form – without the air-fingers-quotes brackets, in that people are not – yet – forced to comply. How long before asking becomes “asking”?

We’ll soon see.

. . .

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