Can a President be Arrested?

…one person that has been specifically given the power within our government to arrest the president. The Senate Sergeant at Arms has the power to arrest anyone that violates Senate rules. The proof is in the following government website where it states: “The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United States.” This is the ONLY place I can find, in our government where there is an actual statement, that specifically states the president can be arrested and by whom. However this statement covers a very narrow area of power because it states this can only happen if he violates the Senate rules.

Holder’s Contempt Citation Could Give New Meaning to “House Arrest”
I’d say “unlikely” is an understatement. Given the relative timidity of our GOP congressional “leadership”, the odds of going to this extreme seem a lot longer than me winning the Powerball drawing tonight.

Terrance W. Gainer – United States Senate Sergeant at Arms
In 2008, Mr. Gainer served with the Special Envoy for Middle East Regional Security, which was created to advance the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute by assisting in strengthening security institutions. The Envoy fosters Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, engaging other key countries in enhancing regional security, and designing a plan for security issues between the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority should there be a two-state solution.

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