The Truth about Their Agenda & Anne Died to Tell You – Remember Anne

H.R. 2977 – Space Preservation Act of 2001 The term “exotic weapons systems” includes weaponsdesigned to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as theionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, andtectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage ordestruction upon a target population or region on earth or inspace. Toxic Skies – Anne Heche Stars…

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We Are The Power

We are spirit. We are power. They want us to believe that we have to believe in them, that we have to assume these consumer identities and these political identities, these religious identities and these racial identities. They want to separate us from our power. They want to separate us from who we are. Genocide.

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Injecting Ecstasy

On spirit, satanic inversion, and injections. Support Bauhauswife: www.patreon.com/bauhauswife LINKS: https://freebirth.ca/ Kids poisoned by disinfectants Let the Rona Injection Transform you Pathogenic priming Lissa Rankin: A surprising mystical experience The swarming logic of inversion and the elevation of satan


As geo-engineering projects soar, the declassified project is “newly” relevant

https://odysee.com/@HighImpactFlix:ca/will-you-think-i-m-loony-for-pointing:2?r=8pS8BvQH1n5sK9t4czuzkJui2LKDfyjg With Operation Popeye, the U.S. government made weather an instrument of war Despite 80 years of cloud seeding efforts, rigorous research aimed at proving (or disproving) its efficacy is still underway. During their top secret briefing on Popeye, Senators Pell and Case were told that though U.S. taxpayers paid, without their knowledge, some $3.6 million a year for…