“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” ~Thomas Jefferson

NASA Blast Wave Accelerator Methane Uptick

Why Are NC Environmental Groups Allowing Seismic Cannons for Oil and Gas Exploration?

Anything Obama wants, he will get, in the state of North Carolina.  Surely, the North Carolina Democrat Party m̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ , should be questioning how we got to this point.  Pat McCrory is pushing the hydraulic fracking issue in the name of improving the economic prospects for NC, while Obama  opens the East Coast to oil exploration with sonic cannons (starting early 2015.)  Why are the  Southern Environmental Law Center and the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance not taking a position on the 5 Billion dollar natural gas pipeline to North Carolina?

Anyone who has witnessed the bitter divide of the environmentalists and the economic development, “jobs creation” political stances should be scratching their heads by now.  Why  are  NC environmental groups turning a blind eye on the fact that seismic blasts threaten to injure or kill thousands of Atlantic marine mammals? As the Left/Right paradigm illusion fizzles, this agenda will be enacted despite what the environmental risks are or what the residents of a particular region protest.

The agenda is more dangerous than many realize and has been outlined by Deborah Tavares. The following video is cued at a point that will discuss methane deposits and the seismic weaponry (Blast Wave Accelerator), that will be used in the name of oil and gas exploration off the East Coast of North America. Deborah Tavares and Trevor Coppola discuss NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT

U.S. Navy Hawaii-Southern California Pacific Warfare Training and Testing EIS/OEIS Public Comment Deadline-MARCH 11, 2013 Sonar-Bomb Blasts-Toxic Chemicals
Over the years, the Navy has been forced to acknowledge what science has clearly demonstrated: noise generated by sonar and underwater detonations can kill marine mammals, like whales and porpoises, and disturb their normal feeding, breeding and migration. In preparing for its upcoming exercises, the Navy has asked the National Marine Fisheries Service for approval to “take” a number of marine mammals — “take” being the broad term for everything from killing these creatures to disturbing their habits. It is up to the National Marine Fisheries Service to send the Navy back to the drawing board. The damage it intends to do is simply unacceptable.

McCrory’s push for energy exploration leaves public drilling for the truth 
The administration of Governor Pat McCrory blatantly misled environmental groups, the media, and the public last month about a meeting on offshore drilling that included state and federal officials and oil industry groups.

Quakes, methane production linked
Starting in August 2001, there have been 16 magnitude 3.8 or stronger earthquakes – including one magnitude 5.0 and another magnitude 5.3. That compares to the one earthquake during the previous three decades, a magnitude 4.0.

The hidden leaks of Pennsylvania’s abandoned oil and gas wells
Pennsylvanians are racing to find old wells that spread fumes in homes and bubble contaminants into drinking water, even as the industry continues to fuel the state’s economy

Blast Wave Accelerators: Space Launch System
Explosive or blast-wave accelerators are a member of the class of chemical catapult (artillery gun type) launch systems. In explosive accelerators, a projectile is accelerated either by a high explosive or by hydrogen gas that is compressed by an explosive (Wenzel and Gehring, 1965; Wenzel, 1987).

Seismic Surveys
Seismic surveys utilize arrays of airguns to produce powerful sound waves. Sudden releases of pressurized air bubbles create the sound source, with up to 20 guns fired at the same time, while “streamers” of hydrophones listen for echoes. Using sophisticated acoustic processing, these echoes can provide information about geological structures up to 40 kilometers below the sea floor. Seismic surveys are used by the oil and gas industry in its search for new hydrocarbon deposits and the monitoring of reservoirs as they are emptied. The “source level” of most airgun arrays can be 200dB or higher. For comparison, a loud rock concert is about 115dB and a jet engine at 100 feet is about 140dB. A typical seismic air gun array pulled by a ship might fire its compressed air bubbles into the ocean five or six times a minute — more than 7,000 shots in 24 hours.

Governor Pat McCrory Is Hiding The Truth About Fracking

‘Slickwater horizontal Fracking’ NOT 60 years old !

Summary Repost  from Truth-Out.org

Water and natural landscapes are the epicenter of North Carolina’s booming tourism and recreation economy. In 2013, domestic tourists spent a record $20.2 billion in the state, up from $19.4 billion in 2012.

If North Carolina’s proposed regulations are implemented, some of the state’s most visited areas will be industrialized and public health may be compromised. According to Carolina Public Press, companies may start conducting tests for fracking in Western North Carolina as soon as September.

Mining 7 Energy Commission Public Hearing Schedule


After ten years of slickwater, horizontal, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in Pennsylvania, where tourism is also a major economy, a lot of lessons have been learned at a price the public and elected leaders are just now beginning to understand.

For example, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Chesapeake Energy had to perform 23 cement squeezes on gas wells in a roughly 28-mile area where well casing failures led to water contamination.

Triple Divide recently finished a five-screening tour through North Carolina as part of a national tour to states where fracking is being proposed thanks to Investigative News Network and Knight Foundation (no newspapers published press releases sent to them about the screenings either).  

The proposed Carolina regulations also allow for state preemption of local laws that attempt to limit or outright prohibit fracking within a community. A similar law was passed in Pennsylvania, but was declared “unconstitutional” in the state Supreme Court. Already, counties and towns in North Carolina are passing local laws banning fracking anyway, in defiance of the state and in honor of a community’s right to self-govern. Carolina’s proposed regulations outline an undemocratic approach to land management, opting for “big government” control over communities’ interests.
In North Carolina, legislators have the opportunity to investigate the data on water contamination and other impacts to land, property, and life in Pennsylvania. Article Continues…


North Carolina To Lift Fracking Ban And Criminalize The Disclosure Of Fracking Chemicals
The law signed by McCrory makes the “unlawful disclosure” of the chemical brew that’s injected into the ground to unlock stores of natural gas a misdemeanor. That’s a downgrade in severity from a previous version of the bill, which would have made it a felony to disclose the chemical mix, which is regarded by several states as a trade secret.

Fracking Disclosures Erased From Website, Group Says
“Companies that inject diesel without permits should be fined for ignoring the law,” Mary Greene, the group’s managing attorney who wrote the report, said in a statement. “The public deserves more disclosure and transparency about the toxic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.”

Hormone-disrupting activity of fracking chemicals worse than initially found
“Among the chemicals that the fracking industry has reported using most often, all 24 that we have tested block the activity of one or more important hormone receptors,” said the study’s presenting author, Christopher Kassotis, a PhD student at the University of Missouri, Columbia. “The high levels of hormone disruption by endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that we measured, have been associated with many poor health outcomes, such as infertility, cancer and birth defects.”

Will the Tea Party Impeach Governor Pat McCrory
Surprisingly, the Tea Party and legislative Republicans don’t seem in the slightest fazed by the Governor’s assertion of executive muscle—there’s not a single searchable peep expressing concern over McCrory’s announcement that he would act even if his legislature did not.

Fracking Truth: Benefits Only a Few While Putting Many at Risk
Rev. Anthony J. Davis demands that Governor McCrory and the North Carolina Legislature tell the people the truth about fracking.

Dane Wigington: Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

The public is waking up fast to the climate engineering issue and people have an ever increasing amount of questions. This video was taken at a live Q and A session in California, many aspects of the critical geoengineering issue are covered.

Source: GeoEngineeringWatch.org

Q & A, Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California


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