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ICANN – Assaults on Internet Freedom Threaten All Freedoms

President Obama is aiming to hand over control of crucial components of the Internet’s architecture such as ICANN to a global “multi-stakeholder” outfit. Eventually, the goal is to hand it over to a UN body or UN-linked organization such as the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) where communist and Islamist dictatorships will hold sway. One…

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Examining The Real Costs of Drone Warfare

In this episode of Newsbud’s Roundtable Professor Abigail Hall Blanco provides a deeper look into the driving factors behind official drone policy, who it benefits and why. We are also joined by Erik Moshe, a Newsbud Analyst & Author. We cover Erik’s recent series ‘The New Drone Order, Part IV- Reapernomics: An Economic Way of…

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CERN Explains Illuminati Sacrifice with “It was Just a Joke” Cern Explains Illuminati Sacrifice with “It was Just a Joke.” Defense: via @YouTube — Paul Romano (@PocketsotFuture) August 19, 2016 #CERN Playing God To Achieve #AntiMatter #Symmetry — Jana Murray (@janamurray) August 19, 2015 Fake human sacrifice filmed at CERN, with pranking scientists suspected Spokeswoman at high temple of particle physics…

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Brexit Part Of Elite’s Predesigned Collapse – Daryl Bradford Smith

Youtuber 108morris108 interview with Daryl Bradford Smith on the pre-designed collapse. Follow 108morris108 on Twitter Brexit Part Of Elite's Predesigned Collapse – Daryl Bradford Smith: via @YouTube — Morris® (@108Morris108) June 30, 2016 Daryl Bradford Smith ~ "The Nameless War" by Captain Ramsay #TheRapeOfJustice — Jana Murray (@janamurray) August 26, 2016