KrisAnne Hall: What Does Scalia’s Death Mean Constitutionally?

What would Madison or Jefferson say about a new Justice? What does Scalia’s death mean Constitutionally? How should we proceed? What kind of judge are we looking for? Asking the proper questions to get the Constitutional answers. Subscribe to the KrisAnne Hall YouTube Channel

Jefferson on Government “The Constitution… meant that its coordinate branches should be checks on each other. But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.” –Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 1804. ME 11:51

Jefferson Judges


Bohemian Grove, Pedo Hunting Parties and Rent Boy Ranch
According to a first hand witness, USA Chief Justice Scalia was a Luciferian and a violent child rapist. David Shurter ranks Scalia as “one of the top three worst” pedophiles who abused him throughout his youth.

The Whistleblower: Kathryn Bolkovac

Repost: Heyman Center for the Humanities
When former Nebraska police officer Kathryn Bolkovac was recruited by DynCorp International to support the UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, she thought she was signing up to help rebuild a war-torn country. But once she arrived in Sarajevo, as a human rights investigator, heading the gender affairs unit, she discovered military officers involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution, with links to private mercenary contractors, the UN, and the U.S. State Department. After bringing this evidence to light, Bolkovac was successively demoted, threatened with bodily harm, fired, and ultimately forced to flee the country under cover of darkness—bringing the incriminating documents with her. Thanks to the evidence she collected, she won a lawsuit against DynCorp, publicly exposing their human rights violations. Her story, recounted in the book The *Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman’s Fight for Justice*, later become the Hollywood feature film *The Whistleblower*.

Nick Bryant – Pennsylvania SS Child Sex Ring Parallels Franklin Scandal

Conspiracy Of Silence

Pedophilia & the Criminal Exploitation of Children: A Layman’s Look at History. By James M. Rothstein, Ret NYCPD

Re-upload Full, pts 1,2. Pennsylvania, Conspiracy of Silence Continues. Nick Bryant Parallels Penna Child Sex Abuse Coverup to Nebraska Franklin Abuse Coverup. Child Advocate + Author, The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse + Betrayal.

Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile Network. 2011


USA Today Mag Jan 2012, pp 46-47. Sexual Abuse’s Second Shame, Nick Bryant. “The reality is that many perpetrators are not shady men in dirty, threadbare trench coats living in seedy hotels, but are, in fact, pillars of our community.”

“Pedophiles are the most charming, personable, charitable, and kid-friendly people you would ever want to meet. They pay their taxes, they go to church, they cloak themselves in acts of charity and they say they just want to help you raise your child by being a positive influence in their lives. Too often detectives believe the perpetrator’s version of events and they are freed to violate again.”

PSU Cover-up. June 2012. During Spanier’s tenure as PSU president, the university hosted 2 events that drew incredible amounts of blowback. One, Nov 2000, was called CUNTFEST. Huge banners with the word CUNTFEST were hoisted from campus buildings. The second, Feb 2001, was Sex Faire. Games included “Pin the Clitoris on the Vulva,” “Smut and other Great Literature,” + “Orgasm Bingo.” A “Tent of Consent” allowed participants to engage in any type of consensual sexual activity they so desired. . . One of Spanier’s personal associates at Univ of Nebraska Lincoln was Ronald Roskens, past UNL Chancellor + President. Roskens has been intimately linked to the Franklin Scandal. He received his termination notice after being photographed with young naked boys at his residence. Was Spanier brought to PSU because of his close ties to a far-reaching pedophile network in Nebraska?

Nov 7, 2011, 2 days after Sandusky headlines erupted, Brent Goodwin – former U.S. Naval Intel, former CIA field officer, private detective – delivered a scathing expose on Graham Spanier. “Spanier + Roskens are both ‘closeted’ gay men sexually aroused by young boys; classic pedophiles. Roskens has ties to former Franklin Credit Union president / convicted felon child molester Larry King, and a long list of known pedophiles throughout the U.S. Several of Spanier’s ‘military friends’ were recently charged in an international pedophilia scandal at Dept of Defense. Spanier + Roskens were close friends and longtime associates of convicted child molester Dr. Daniel Schrein.”

Nov 2011 Sandusky ‘Pimped’ Boys To Rich Donors. Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden

Aug 2012. Witness: I Saw Sandusky + Booster Abuse Boys On Private Plane

Aug 2012. FBI + U.S. Postal inspectors probing whether PSU Sandusky involved in pedophile ring connected to university and

July 2012 The Culture of Silence. For 13 years more than 24 men + women learned of the heinous crimes. From CYS to police, judges, a parole officer, high school administrators + coaches, district attorneys + detectives, a cadre of bystanders failed to act with the urgency a child’s cry of this magnitude should elicit.

June 2012. Sandusky pinned down foster child, performed oral sex, threatened to keep him from seeing his family if he reported what happened.

Kids as Commodities. PA child welfare agencies yet to be thoroughly investigated

Freeh Report ignores the obvious question: What about Tom Corbett?

Silent No More: Victim offers startling insights into the mis-prosecution of his case. Sandusky wasn’t the only user and abuser in the room.

Sandusky victims stories

Children Under Attack: A Culture of Unpunished Exploitation. Dec2011

Beyond the Dutroux Affair Protected Child Abuse Networks

Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks
The information in this article is not suited for anyone below the age of 18, as it involves extreme sexual violence against children. A certain amount of normally-illegal visual evidence (it is censored) has been included.

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