CENSORED Side Effects of Ivermectin: NOT Safe for Pregnant Women

  • June 28, 2023

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

During the COVID Plandemic, sales of ivermectin soared by 829% as it was called a “miracle drug” in preventing people from becoming sick or dying from COVID.

Dr. Pierre Kory M.D., president of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), was ivermectin’s leading proponent who referred to it as a “miracle drug” that had a long history of safe usage, primarily as an anti-parasite drug.

But was the public, primarily through the Alternative Media, given the whole story on the safety protocol of ivermectin?

Before going any further in this article, I want to address the main objection that most will have by simply reading the title of this article, which is that studies were fabricated during COVID to discredit ivermectin so that the much more dangerous drug, remdesivir, could be given emergency use authorization to treat COVID patients.

The evidence of ivermectin as an “anti-fertility” drug that is not recommended for pregnant women, however, long precedes 2020 and the year of the COVID scam.

For example, in 2015 the FDA required that Merck include a warning about administering ivermectin to pregnant women classifying it as a pregnancy category C drug: “Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the foetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans….” (Source.)

Why was this information about the evidence that ivermectin is not safe for pregnant women withheld from the public by the COVID whistleblower doctors?

Rosanne Lindsay, a Traditional Naturopath, Herbalist, and author who writes at the Nature of Healing website, has just published a review of ivermectin’s anti-fertility side effects, which was also re-published on Activist Post.

Some excerpts:

Ivermectin & Infertility

Ivermectin Facts:

Ivermectin has an alias, Mactizan, distributed in poor countries for “tropical diseases.”
Ivermectin is a medical drug known for its anti parasitic and antimalarial effects.
Ivermectin is a known teratogen in mammals.
Ivermectin  treatment during pregnancy cannot be considered safe.
Ivermectin is an anti-fertility drug.

Fertility reduction is a global effort by global organizations such as the WHO and UNICEF in poor countries.  The easiest way to increase infertility is to introduce it as “global assistance” through drugs and vaccines. Between the large donations by the Gates Foundation and underwriters such as the World Bank, the drug ivermectin has become a household name.

Anti-fertility drug studies 

With over 20 years of use, there are a number of very concerning studies showing deleterious direct effects of Ivermectin:

Ivermectin-induced dose-dependent cell death, 2022
Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of ivermectin, 2019
Ivermectin and liver toxicity, 2012
Ivermectin inhibits human cytochrome P450 (liver) enzymes, Arch Toxicol, 2021
Teratogenic and Cytogenetic effects of ivermectin, 2011
Effects of Ivermectin on sperm count, motility, and function, 2011
Effects on male infertility in rats, 2008
Effect of ivermectin on make fertility, 2008
Ivermectin Lymphocyte toxicity, 2008
Effects on sperm motility and concentration in sheep, 2002

A 2008 study in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology concluded:

Cytogenetic study revealed partial effect of ivermectin on meiosis. Meanwhile, the combined treatment of ivermectin and verapamil induced stronger effects on germ cells, increased frequency of meiotic structural chromosomal aberrations and increased X–Y chromosomal dissociation, raising the attention to the genetic quality of mature sperm.

Read the full article here.

Censorship is NOT Only a “Liberal” Issue

Almost every day now I am seeing articles published on the issue of “censorship” in my newsfeed, and it seems like the term “censorship” is being redefined to mean “conservative” censorship, where media publishing “conservative” news and commentary are being “censored.”

But the Conservative Right is also guilty of “censorship,” especially when it comes to exposing ties to Big Pharma.

Dr. Peter McCullough, for example, has tried to censor me and Health Impact News for pointing out his financial ties to Big Pharma. See:

Peter McCullough Tries to Censor Health Impact News

Dr. Robert Malone is another Right Wing medical doctor who has tried to censor his critics.

As I have written many times in the past, I do respect these “whistleblower” medical doctors who warned the public about the scams during COVID, especially the COVID-19 EUA “vaccines,” and I have even published much of their work here at Health Impact News giving credit where credit is due.

However, very few of them have gone on to expose all the other corruption in Big Pharma that we have been exposing for decades now, long before COVID, and most of them still want to continue earning their living from Big Pharma and the Satanic medical system, along with all the prestige that comes with being able to hang certain letters after their names that require government licensing, such as “Dr.”

But as I have previously stated, COVID did NOT corrupt the medical industry, the corrupt medical industry produced COVID.

I have no doubt that Dr. Pierre Kory, with his championing the use of ivermectin instead of deadly new novel drugs and vaccines, has saved many lives.

But one of the things he stated when all of this was unfolding, was that people needed to stop referring to COVID as simply a re-branding of the seasonal flu, because in his opinion COVID was much more deadly than influenza.

I have found ZERO evidence for this belief, and plenty of evidence to the contrary.

And now seeing this evidence that ivermectin is not safe for pregnant women, and can lead to infertility, I can understand why a medical doctor might claim that COVID presented a real danger to society, while recommending older drugs to “fight COVID.”

This is the old medical mantra that “the benefits outweigh the risks.”

But if these risks to pregnant women were known at that time, they most certainly should have been shared with the public before millions of people rushed out to buy ivermectin.

And even though I have published the work of many of these whistleblower doctors, I have also publicly stated that I myself do NOT recommend ANY patented pharmaceutical products along with all their side effects, as there are always natural, non-toxic alternatives that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

Many doctors in China as well as in the U.S., for example, had tremendous success in treating the symptoms of COVID with high dose Vitamin C.

I published my own protocol for strengthening my body’s immune system and dealing with illnesses back in December of 2022, and I will republish that here.

1. Fasting

This has been my #1 way of strengthening my immune system for the past couple of decades, and it is very affordable, as you save money by not eating.

There are many different kinds of fasting, from “intermittent fasting” to very long fasts where you drink only water and put your body into a state of ketosis.

Back in the early 2000s I read a book on fasting by Dr. Joel Fuhrman titled “Fasting and Eating for Health.” I don’t agree with Dr. Fuhrman’s dietary advice, but at the time this was by far the best book on fasting I had ever read, because he included case studies of prolonged fasts he had administered that completely reversed many diseases.

From the Intro:

Years ago, a 20-year-old world-class athlete and Olympic ice skating hopeful suffered a severe injury to his leg. Forced to walk on crutches, he could not bear weight on his leg without excruciating pain. His heel was so swollen and sensitive that the mere weight of a bed sheet caused intense discomfort.

Because he was ranked among the top two in the country in his event, the U.S. Olympic Committee encouraged him to seek treatment by one of the country’s leading orthopedic surgeons.

After months of prodding, probing, and medical tests by the prominent doctor, and still unable to walk after a year in pain, the young man was quite discouraged. His doctors offered him no solution to the swelling and acute sensitivity in his injured foot. Then one day without warning, while in the hospital, a nurse instructed him to take a medication because the doctor intended to perform surgery the following morning. Outraged, the young man refused to take the drug and demanded that his physician discuss the proposed surgical plans with him.

Later that day, the doctor stormed into the room and brusquely informed the athlete that experimental surgery was required to promote the healing of his foot. The doctor explained that after exposing the injured tissues, he would use his scalpel to traumatize the area in a checkerboard pattern in an attempt to stimulate the area to heal. When the young man refused to participate in such an experiment, the physician angrily told him that if he did not have the surgery he would never walk again. Nevertheless, the young man rejected the surgery and left the hospital.

The young athlete was aware that a few years earlier his arthritic father had restored his health by fasting. He remembered the articles and books he had read on fasting at that time and realized that the technique probably offered his best chance to recover.

Determined to give fasting its best chance, he traveled to Dr. Shelton’s Health School in San Antonio and fasted a total of 46 days. At the end of the fast he was able to walk again. In a little over a year he placed third in the World Professional Figure Skating Championships.

At Dr. Shelton’s Health School, the young man saw asthmatics cured so they no longer needed medication. He-met colitis patients with bleeding bowels who recovered without drugs or surgery. He observed people with chest pain who had been told they needed bypass surgery. They were riding bicycles and jogging for the first time in years. The young man saw for himself how the body could heal itself if the causes of disease were removed.

This man was so impressed with what he witnessed and experienced that he sought out other practitioners who used fasting and natural diets to heal patients. What he learned from them excited him so much that he later decided to attend medical school and become a physician. At medical school, however, the patients were treated with conventional modem methods. Given large amounts of medication to control their symptoms, they rarely got well. No cardiac patients stopped taking drugs because their angina disappeared. No hypertensive patients stopped taking medication because their condition improved. No arthritic patients recovered and threw away their pills.

As a medical student, the young man saw patients suffer and die needlessly, while under the care of modern medicine. Through it all, he remained convinced that people could get well if only they knew how to use fasting and natural diet to restore their health.

This young man was I. (Source.)

Since this book was published in 1995, many others have also published materials on fasting, and the newer concept of “intermittent fasting.” One person that gets most of the coverage in the Alternative Health media in the past few years is Dr. Jason Fung, and his work is definitely worth looking into as well.

We have hundreds of articles published on fasting.

2. High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

When COVID-19 first started in 2020, doctors and hospitals in China started to effectively treat people with high dose Vitamin C therapy, as did many holistic doctors here in the U.S.

Vitamin C has been one of those not-able-to-patent natural remedies that has been so effective over the years, that Big Pharma and their corporate media will demonize it every chance they get, as it is a legitimate threat to pharmaceutical products.

IV Vitamin C therapy is the best way to get maximum amounts of Vitamin C into your body, but it is also expensive, and it is quickly depleted from the body.

I have had good success with liposomal Vitamin C, as ascorbic acid is irritating to my digestive system and I cannot take large doses that way.

A search on Health Impact News for “Vitamin C” will give you over 400 results. My favorite one is the lecture that Dr. Suzanne Humphries gave at The Swedish Society for Orthomolecular Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014.

Vitamin C: Nature’s Super Medicine That Cures Disease and Threatens Big Pharma Profits

3. Parasite Cleanse

Medical doctors have seen great success in treating COVID patients with ivermectin, which is known to kill parasites living inside our bodies.

I choose not to use pharmaceutical drugs, and over the years I have done “parasite cleanses” by using a combination of 3 herbs developed by Hulda Clark, which consists of black walnut, clove, and wormwood.

The general instructions have been to use this combination of herbs for 2 weeks, then stop for 5 days to allow any eggs from the parasites to hatch, and then resume the treatment for another two weeks.

I have had great success over the years using this herbal combination, and recently have also discovered “mimosa pudica seeds” as a remedy for parasites, and have included them with the three herbs from the Hulda Clark combination.

There are other suggestions for making your own parasite cleanse in this 2017 article.

Be aware that if you start out too fast in a parasite cleanse, that you could have serious side effects as your body begins to expel the parasites. It is best to start slow, even slower than the recommended dosage on some of these parasite herbal products, until you can gauge how your body responds.

Also, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends that people do a heavy metal detox first, as many of the parasites in our body absorb heavy metals. See:

German Doctor Links Nano-aluminum, Glyphosate and Parasites to Chronic Disease – Develops Healing Protocol

Heavy metal detoxification can be accomplished through chelation therapy, or with algae supplements chlorella or spirulina.

4. Vitamin D

The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun, but during the short winter daylight hours, supplementation is beneficial. We have published over 500 articles on Vitamin D, as it is one of the most effective ways of fighting the annual “flu.”

5. Healthy Oils

Replacing cheap “vegetable oils” made primarily from GMO corn and soy with traditional, healthy oils that have nourished the human race for thousands of years, can have dramatic results on your health.

The only fats and oils I consume are Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive OilBlack Cumin Seed OilSesame Seed Oil, and Butter.

I follow a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate diet, commonly referred to as the Ketogenic Diet, that includes large amounts of healthy fats and oils.

Essential oils” are another whole class of highly concentrated plant oils that are used for therapeutic purposes, more by applied through the skin by massage or breathed through the air when diffused, than by ingesting. More info. See also:

Why Essential Oils Heal and Drugs Don’t

6. White Willow Bark for Blood Thinning

Due to the blood clotting issues with the COVID shots, I have started taking White Willow Bark, which is allegedly the natural product that aspirin was originally developed from. Aspirin can irritate your digestive system, and so White Willow Bark can be a natural alternative.

Our bodies are wonderfully created by God with natural immune systems, and often the best thing we can do is to stop poisoning it with pharmaceutical products, and consume healthy REAL foods along with clean water to achieve optimal health.

But if everyone did that, we would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business, which is why they fight so hard to suppress natural health.

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