Climate Lockdowns

  • August 11, 2023

It is rumored – it has been stated as fact by the Thing itself – that an “emergency” as regards the “climate” is this close to being declared. The Thing’s liver-spotted and quivering finger hovers over the proverbial button and aches to press it.

That it will is certain. The only variable is the matter of when. Not because there is a “crisis,” of course. There almost never is.

Has there ever been one?

Even the acronymical emergency day – 911 – wasn’t much of one. Taken at face value – never sound policy when it comes to anything said by the organs of the apparat – a handful of “terrorists” flew three planes into buildings and one into the ground. It was appalling, of course.

But a “crisis”?

The real crisis came afterward – when terrorist attacks on three places were used to justify terrorizing everyone, everywhere. A “homeland” replaced what had been our country – and along with that came a new apparat named after it. It has been more than 20 years – a generation – since the people of this country could board an airplane or even walk to the gate to see off family and friends without being processed like newly arrived prisoners, even to the extent of being patted down in their most intimate places. Including children.

Because you never know . . .

Then came the “lockdowns” – outside the prison. They were tested regionally, in Boston, first. They have become common in schools, so as to teach the kids they are prisoners. How else to describe being told Authority can imprison you whenever Authority decides it is necessary?

Then came the national “lock downs” because of a “crisis” (cough, literally) over a “virus” people were told was going to cut a swath of death across the country. People accepted this in part because they were used to this already. Once you have accepted your status as someone who has no rights but only privileges – which can be rescinded whenever it is necessary, according to those who grant them – it is just a matter of those who have granted them saying you no longer have them.

That is the lesson of “911” and the “pandemic.” Have enough Americans learned it? Will they fall for it, again?

The answer is unknowable – until we find out. But perhaps – this time – enough Americans will say they have had enough and do what not enough of them ought to have done more than 20 years ago, when all of this began. And what enough of them didn’t do during the “pandemic.”

Ignore the “crisis.”

This is and always has been the key to showing – literally – there isn’t one. The best example of this being the not-wearing of the Rag of Crisis, usually referred to as a “mask.” It covered up the truth. The mass wearing of it enabled the apparat to get enough people to believe there was a “crisis.” But the refusal of just enough people to participate in the covering up of the truth that the only “pandemic” was one of fomented mass hysteria resulted in the eventual ebbing of the mass hysteria.

If more people had refused to participate in the covering up of the truth sooner, the hysteria would have never reached the fever pitch that it did. If enough had gone further and refused to accept being told their right to leave their home and go about their business – and to do business – was now a conditional privilege granted by Authority – the right to go about our business and do business would never have become a conditional privilege.

Authority depends on mass obedience. But when Authority becomes tyranny then it is necessary to disobey it, in order to dismantle the tyranny. The threat of mass disobedience is indeed the only thing that holds tyranny in any kind of check. The Things will only attempt that which they are confident they can get enough of us to accept.

If only – two of the saddest words in the language – enough of us had decided to refrain from buying an airplane ticket after it was announced we live in a “homeland” rather than country and that we’d have to spread our legs and raise our arms in order to be allowed to board our flight – all of us would be free right now to board a flight without having to spread our legs and raise our arms.

If only enough of us had refused the proffered diaper and had the steel to stand up to the teenager proffering them, they would never have been as successful forcing almost everyone to wear them.

If only enough of us had refused to allow Big Retailers to destroy small businesses by not supporting small businesses that had owners with backbone enough to keep their doors open in defiance of orders to close them (while the Big Retailers were allowed to keep theirs open) thousands of small businesses would not have been ruined – along with the families of the owners of those businesses.

Enough of us did refuse to be “vaccinated” like cattle – and because enough of us acted like men and women instead, it became untenable for the Things to continue with their push to treat everyone like cattle.

It is always enough of us that make the difference.

Will you be part of this noble cohort when the Thing pushes the button?

. . .

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