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A couple of days ago, Dr. José Luis Sevillano shared a very important reflection on those who collaborate with those who impose restrictions and mandatory vaccinations. He made a call to think about what we do and stop collaborating with the enemy. 

There are strange, unknown things in vaccines, and people should stop being collaborators. They must stop harming others.

It’s an interesting and valuable reflection given the times we’re living and considering the findings that researchers from different parts of the world are making. 

The destiny of humanity lies in the decisions we make.

The following are the words of Dr. Sevillano brought to English by Orwell City


Dr. Sevillano: This issue of the coronavirus, as I told you at the time, has two possible outcomes. Humanity frees itself once and for all from this thing that has fallen upon us —it’s no longer known when— or mankind ends up disappearing. There are no intermediate outcomes. Either we put an end to these individuals, or they’ll put an end to us. And we don’t finish them off by beating them. You end it with this with knowledge. When people know what they’re doing, they don’t collaborate anymore. 

I told you that for everything they do, they need our collaboration. Notice that even the guy at the newsstand collaborates with them when he asks you why you aren’t wearing a mask. Everybody is collaborating. At the moment we don’t collaborate with them —thanks to the knowledge we acquire— it’s all over. It’s all over. They always do it because they need us to collaborate. 

 ‘You, go there to make an atomic bomb.’ 

‘What do you mean? Why make an atomic bomb? I don’t work on that.’ 

‘Sorry? What do you want to do? I don’t know what? Mustard gas? What for? To kill who? I don’t want that job. I’m going to…’ 

In other words, we collaborate with them by hurting others. Enough of hurting others for a salary, for a wage, or for whatever. Don’t hurt others anymore. 

‘What am I doing? Is this to harm someone? I don’t do it anymore. Or I change my trade and tell the one who orders me to do it. I don’t do this.’ 

‘I’m kicking you out.’ 

‘Well, I’m leaving. Goodbye.’ 

‘You’re not going to give me an employee’s salary here or I don’t know what for me to contribute to a crime.’ 

It’s as simple as that. 

And we can’t keep collaborating with these people. We’re all collaborating. Me included. 

‘It’s that if you don’t do this, that you can no longer help others to other things.’ 

That’s to say, they’re forcing you. Whether you want to or not, this has to stop. People have to know what’s going on right now because they make us all accomplices. These people are making us all complicit in their crimes. We have to put an end to them immediately. We have to open people’s eyes. Make them look at what they’re doing to us. Stop thinking. We aren’t saving anyone, we are killing people. And on top of that, we are looking for the vaccine as if it were salvation. When what you’re looking for is death. You’re looking for death. 

Share this information by any means you can. There are days in the program when they come up with interesting things. And some days are fundamental, like the day of Campra’s preliminary report and, today, for example. We’re going to show four photographs or as many as we can show according to the time we have. This is fundamental. You have to share this. (*)

(*) Dr. Sevillano said this when La Quinta Columna started showing the newest videos and photos from the analyses the team they’re working with granted permission to share with followers. You can take a look to that exclusive material here:

  1. New exclusive photos and videos of COVID vaccination vial under light microscope
  2. More videos on unknown elements found in COVID vaccination vials
  3. Unknown materials found in COVID vaccines: Are they altering human DNA?

Look, there are images on the networks right now that are strange. But these are authentic. They’re genuine. Those are taken by the people who work with us. They send them to us, and we comment on them. And that’s ours. There’s no trick, no fake, nothing strange. What’s strange is what’s in the vaccine. Because everything else is very clear

They take the photos, we discuss them and say: ‘You can’t show this one because they belong to one person or another and we don’t have their authorization. But these we can show.’ And here they are. As we can show them, we’ll continue to show them so that you can see the things they are putting in the vaccines. Otherwise, nobody will know what they are doing to us.

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