Comirnaty Pfizer Vaccine Under The Microscope

Graphene oxide is being inoculated into covid “vaccines” to control the population.

Graphene-based carbon nanotubes that are geometrically distributed in a tubular format. As time passes, or rather, according to the exposure of the sample to microwave electromagnetic radiation, there is a more than slight evolution, and logically they assemble, apart from the carbon nanotubes, with these nanoparticles, that are not lipid but reduced graphene oxide. With all the interaction this has in human biology, as it is a modulable radio material catalyzing the damage caused by microwave electromagnetic radiation. Remember that graphene absorbs microwave radiation and catalyzes the signal, making it more energetic, converting the initial gigahertz into terahertz. Also understand that the new 5G technology, including the 4G Plus prototype of this in 2018, is higher in artificial ambient electricity, higher in volts per meter and also beams on demand of apparently smart devices, or, also smart nano-bio devices now introduced into the human biology… Through the jab.

#English – Summary of La Quinta Columna. Programme 390. Graphene oxide is being inoculated into covid “vaccines” to control the population and neuromodulate it.

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