Have you noticed the fatality rate for covid? The official CDC numbers? Once you notice the numbers, ask why Trump never bothered using those numbers during the election. @Talpiot

Why did Trump allow Pelosi to continue pushing the Covid-19 narrative? All he had to do was refer to the CDC’s charts to disprove the whole WHO/WEF Global Reset:

This article lays it out for you: Buntingโ€™s map and Israel on Chinaโ€™s new silk road

COVID19: A Controlled Study by Dr. Colleen Huber

The COVID19 era is characterized among other things by lockdowns in countries around the world and in US states, imposed by their governments, attempting to limit movement, activities and commerce of individuals and businesses, for the stated goal of limiting COVID19 incidence and mortality. 

In this paper, I examine CDC data regarding the COVID19 deaths in US states that did not have lockdowns (the control group), herein โ€œfree states,โ€ compared to neighboring states that did have lockdowns (the experimental group), herein โ€œlocked states.โ€  I examined neighboring states that share long borders, rather than touching at only corners or short segments, and then I examine neighboring states, free vs lockdown, that have similar population density.

Masks, false safety and real dangers – Dr. Colleen Huber on #PotkaarsPodcast

— JanaMurray Janamurray Saturday, November 21, 2020

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