CRISPR Covid Injections Alters A Person’s Thinking & Behavior, Tech Can Be Remotely Controlled

Yale, DARPA, CIA neurobiology expert on controlling the human brain with RNA vaccines, and more information, which is linked to below.

Source: Never Lose Truth on Odysee

Time Stamped by OldTimeRadioShow on Bitchute

Lecture by Dr, James Giordano on Neuroscience and weapons … So this is what they’re teaching in school these days… hmm.. brings a whole new meaning to being a tinfoil hat… probably some of this is connected to gangstalking and cointelpro etc.

Time Stamps and note
“Economic Leverage” – Essential workers. Online DE platforming etc..

Changing data and info about the target to basically slander them. Gangstalking

Covertly stalking and targeting individuals or political opponents with various biological, chemical, and nanoparticle substances. Gangstalking

Genetically targeted weapons have been a pipe dream forever, viruses, bacteria, and bioagents. – Makes you think of how some groups are affected by the c00f while others like Gangstalking Australia think false flags that kill real people are all a hoax. Which equally discredits victims and people looking into this stuff because herka-derka its all actors and CGI right…. governments would never kill anyone nuuuu its a hoax..its all faaaaaaakkeee.. com’on guys… wise up.

Ethics, lip service, sniffing farts, and hot air. These groups have no ethics as we all know.

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