Dane Wigington on Climate Engineering

What if it’s true that powerful actors are trying to manipulate Earth’s climate?


Chemtrails versus contrails

To avoid confusion, the following is a great explanation of chemtrails and contrails.

Chemtrails are thin white clouds left in the sky by high-flying aircraft that consist of chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed, for sinister purposes, over the general public without their knowledge or consent. Chemtrails are “Contrails” which are deliberately filled with toxic metals, chemicals and biological warfare products to poison the general public without their knowledge. Normal plane Contrails, on the other hand, is simply water vapor coming out of the back of plane engines which dissipates rather quickly in the sky. Those contrails that do not dissipate, therefore, contain additional toxic substances which by definition become Chemtrails.

Engineered winter weather is not a theory, it is a data verified fact of record. Natural weather is no more as climate intervention operations completely disrupt and derail the planet's life support systems.
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