Deception Point: Exposing the False Association between Christianity and Precious Metals
Christianity is often associated with precious metal investments but these two concepts could not be any more dichotomous. Source: Contango Down

John Piper – Why I abominate the prosperity gospel

Bill Still – Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve
What’s the real problem with the world economy? It’s debt. Too much personal debt, too much corporate debt and – most importantly – too much government debt. People have a natural tendency to want to spend now and pay later, and governments are no different.

Libertarians Bite the Gold Dust
Libertarian popularity has plummeted with the price of gold resulting in a vacuum at the heart of the “Truth Movement.” New monetary programs can fill the gap.

The gold double standard
An insidious consequence of a 100% gold reserve standard with compound interest is that those who own the gold will eventually control all the money supply.

Why Bankers Love Gold
A Gold Monopoly Standard, that is. In a free currency market Gold would play no role.

G. Edward Griffin: a fractional gold standard always leads to “pure fiat money”
Compound interest charges will always eventually outstrip the supply of new precious metal.

The Huffington Post-Tom Woods controlled opposition gold standard debate
Whether Tom Woods realizes it or not, he has played right into the hands of the Money Power in presenting the case for a gold standard, whether it be a government-guaranteed gold standard or a so-called free market gold standard.

Gold Standard Articles from the Daily Knell

Meet the Real Deal: Michael Hoffman on ‘Usury in Christendom’
His site is ‘On the Contrary’ at and his latest book is called ‘Usury in Christendom’ and is a virulent attack against Usury, the Money Power and ‘Christians’ going along. He is forceful, scathing, to the point and incredibly well informed

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