Diaper Report: 01/07/2024

  • January 7, 2024

An attempt was made – briefly – to impose a new “mask” mandate in St. Louis, Missouri. More finely, a Gesundheitsfuhrer attempted to impose a “mask” mandate – that is, an arbitrary order that people wear the thing that renders every face the same face.

Just like the last time.

This time, however, there was “mask” refusal – as there ought to have been last time. If there had been, the “mask” mandating would not have lasted such a long time, the last time and – probably – far less damage would have been done to the psychological health of so many people in this country. Many are still so damaged – psychologically – that they still “mask up,” even in the absence of arbitrary orders to do so and despite the obviousness of most people not wearing them and not “dying suddenly” or even getting sick.

Unlike the “vaccinated.”

The Gesundheitsfuhrer is Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, the “health director” of the city of St. Louis. Her title is bracketed within air fingers quotation marks to mark the evil absurdity of someone “directing health” – note the totalitarian overtones – who clearly either does not comprehend what is healthy or who is herself very sick.   

Like Anthony Fauci and Mandy Cohen, she is a doctor who is wedded to the proven false religious doctrine that “masks” prevent people from getting or spreading respiratory viruses. They didn’t during the event that was marketed as a “pandemic” (bracketed in air fingers quotation marks to mark the abuse of terminology in that while lots of people caught cold, very few people actually died of the cold they caught) as all the data showed – including the data regarding the “effectiveness” of “masking up” in St. Louis. 

Of course, that is not the measure of the “effectiveness” of “masks.” Just as the “effectiveness” of “vaccines” is no longer measured by their power to ward off infection or transmissions (and hence, once again, the air fingers quotation marks). 

“Masks” are very effective at demonstrating the arbitrary power of Gesundheitsfuhrers such as Mati Hlatschwayo Davis. What a thrill it must be for her – in the manner of Hans Landa, the fictitious SS-Standartenfuhrer depicted in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Inglorius Basterds.

You can almost imagine her panties getting moist. 

The same as regards Kathy Hochul and Gretchen Whitmer – and J.B. Pritzker, too.

These people love mandating things. Especially “mandates” that turn people into look-alike things. A crucial thing to understand about “masks” is that they are meant to degrade and humiliate the wearer.  This operates on several levels. The first is the way “masks” make all who wear them look the same; individuality is effaced. You are no longer one. Just one of many, all the same.

And affirmation is enforced.

Not merely obedience – as for example paying “our” taxes. No taxpayers is as yet obliged to wear a garment affirming his support for paying what he “owes.”

Making people wear “masks” does just that. It visually affirms that they are members of and believers in a cult. One that just a few years ago seemed to encompass the entire country.

And cults always have leaders whose arbitrary edicts – you might call them “mandates” – must be obeyed reflexively, without question. 

“With activity of winter viruses rising at such a rapid pace, we must take action to slow transmission and prevent strain on our hospital systems,” said Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis.

Italics added.


It is a measure of the decline of medicine that a doctor would use that word in relation to physical illness. After-school soccer practice is an activity. Catching cold is not. “We must take action” . .  . by which Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis means she will “take action.” Meaning, will issue a “mandate” on her own arbitrary authority ordering others to do what she says.

Just as was the case last time.

This time, however, enough people had enough – and right now.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, city “health” authorities – meaning Dr. Whatchamacalit needed to “clarify the information” about the “mandate” that was repealed almost as quickly as it was promulgated by Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis. 

This is the power of No! NOT EVER AGAIN! – in action.

The Left – which is really what we’re dealing with here, under the guise of “health” (and “climate action”) – depends on the willingness of people to comply with it. Some because they dislike confrontation and will do almost anything to avoid it; others out of a decent but much-abused instinct to be accommodating to other people, even abusive people. Many just because they want to be left alone.

But awareness is percolating that the Left will never leave us alone, so long as we refuse to say No!ENOUGH! – to it.

Note that it wasn’t even “COVID” that – ostensibly – trigged Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis to hurl her short-lived “mask” fatwa. It was due to a “spike” in Flu and RSV “cases.”

Inevitably, “masking” would be required because of the sniffles – if people kowtow to these Leftists again

Any attempt to “mandate” the wearing of “masks” anywhere must be met with the fiercest refusal – in order to stop the spread of this sickness.

Before it gets traction, again.

. . .

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