Diaper Report: 01/14/2024

  • January 14, 2024

It’s interesting that hospitals (in italics for a reason; bear with) are pushing Face Diapers – again. Most recently the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health Systems, which is a corporate chain of hospitals and “health” systems. Corporations are now – channeling Rudolf Hess – the government, just as government is corporations. They are for all practical purposes the same entity because they are largely controlled by the same interests – who are very interested in controlling things.

It has nothing to do with health – hence the air fingers quote marks above. And this  “Universal Masking Will Resume” business proves it.

Note, first of all, the passive voice of authoritarianism. “Masking” will “resume” – as if the owners of the hospital chain weren’t decreeing that everyone must wear the things. Presumably, as regards the doctor-and-nurse employees of the corporation, to be enforced via the threat of loss-of-employment. And refusal to treat, as regards would-be patients. Just like last time.

Visitors who show their face will, of course, be shown the door. They will not be asked to leave, either. They will be ordered to leave – the order to be enforced by armed guards and the local armed government workers, if need be. The latter will be “just doing their jobs,” as they did them the last time. As they will, in the future. Be mindful of this. Armed government workers do not work for you. They work for the government – and the corporations that are now essentially (functionally) a kind of agency of the government.

Or is it the reverse?

Anyhow, “masking” will “resume” – and “regardless of vaccination status,” also an interesting affirmation of the truth that people were lied to about the (cough) “vaccines,” which are now admitted to be palliatives (assuming they’re not lying about that) which  (supposedly) “reduce the severity of symptoms,” but do not “stop the spread.”

It is probably true that upwards of 50 percent of the people who allowed themselves to be injected with these drugs – many of whom were pressured mightily into taking them – would have balked had they known at the time that these drugs would not immunize them against anything. Never mind the fact – also now admitted – that these drugs can induce health woes far worse than being under-the-weather for a week or so. Things like permanent heart damage, for instance. Things like “died suddenly,” which now happens regularly to “vaccinated” people in the prime of their lives. To young adults whose lives were cut short before they started them.

So, we have hospitals – that is, corporate hospital chains – conceding the drugs they pushed aren’t working now demanding that the people they pushed into taking the drugs “resume” wearing “masks,” which the doctors-and-nurses have to know cannot prevent the spread of an airborne respiratory virus. The virus being extremely tiny – and the “masks” that the chain demands everyone “resume” wearing being extremely porous.

And that brings us to how we know it is not about “health” – and is about Obedience Kabuki. The same as “social distancing” once urged (and enforced) by the well-paid tool of the corporate-government combine Dr. Fauci, who has just admitted it was epidemiologically worthless.

Like “masking.”

If it were about health then “masking” would not “resume.” But something else would start. There would be a requirement that no one not wearing a biohazard suit with its own oxygen supply would be permitted within the hospitals; indeed, that no one not essential (such as the doctors and nurses) be allowed within the hospital. Such measures actually would stop the spread. It is why such measures are required within biohazard facilities, such as the lab where (so we are told) the “virus” originated. If “masks” are “effective,” then why go through all the bother of the biohazard suits?

Why not just wear the “mask,” instead?

We all know why. Well, everyone who is thinking (and understanding) knows why. It is because “masks” do not work – in the sense usually meant when that word is used. But biohazard suits do.

Well, if so, why don’t the hospital chains require they be worn – for health reasons? The answer can be inferred by the fact that they don’t. The chains know the risk to health is trivially small. More to the point, the doctors-and-nurses know it, too. If they didn’t do you think they would risk their health – risk death – by wearing a “mask” that they have to know is porous to viruses?

If they really believe the “virus” might kill them, do you think that’s all they’d wear?

Is it all you would wear?

Nonetheless, “masking” will “resume” – because it is necessary that people get a booster shot  . . . of Obedience Kabuki. It is important that they know who’s still boss, that is to say.

And that goes for the doctor-and-nurse employees, too.

. . .

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