Diaper Report: 01/31/2024

  • January 31, 2024

There is a sight I’m still seeing – and probably so are you. It is a sight we never before the event marketed as a “pandemic.” I use the air fingers quote marks to ridicule the misuse of the word, which used to mean a worldwide plague of some kind that killed broad swaths of the otherwise health population. The Black Death that is credited with having killed off a third or more of the population of Europe during the late Middle Ages was a pandemic.

Of course, that’s why the word was used to describe an event that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise healthy population. The idea being to scare 100 percent (ideally) of the population into believing they were going to die – if they didn’t “mask up.”

Which brings us to this:

The event that was marketed as a “pandemic” has been over for more than a year. Yet there are still some people walking around as if there were a pandemic afoot. Not that “masking up” is any more effective now than wearing a bird-beak rig and a floppy hat was during the pandemic of the late Middle Ages. That is beside the point.

The point is that after the Black Death subsided, you no longer saw people walking around wearing bird-beak rigs with floppy hats – because they weren’t ill.

Today – a year-plus since the end of the event that was a “pandemic” like a Chevette is a ‘Vette – one still sees mentally ill people walking around wearing the latter-day equivalent of bird beak rigs with floppy hats. Even outside. Even though there is no other person close enough to sneeze germs on them or even near them. They wear their “mask” as religiously as an orthodox Jew wears his yarmulke.

Of course, the difference is the “mask” wearer does not believe he is practicing a religious ritual. He thinks he is wearing his “mask” because it “keeps him safe.” Which is odd, given the probability that any person still “masking” has almost certainly also been “vaccinated” – plural, as in multiple times – yet does not believe (apparently) that the “vaccines” he took are “safe and effective.”

Else why continue to “mask”?

Obviously, the “mask” wearer does not believe the “vaccines” are effective (never mind safe) even though he probably continues to take them. This raises interesting questions about his obvious belief that “masks” do “work.” How can a rational person hold these two at-odds propositions in his mind at the same time?

The answer suggests itself. These people are not rational. They are not capable of acting in accordance with facts. They are driven by their beliefs, which are driven by irrational considerations. It is the only explanation that makes any sense – to use a word associated with rational thinking. These people – the ones you see still wearing “masks” – have lost the ability to do that, if they ever had it.

And in a way, so have we – as in our society, collectively.

Evidence in support of this proposition is the incontestable fact that just four years ago – before the coordinated worldwide launch of the event that was a “pandemic” like Rachel Maddow is an attractive woman  – the only places you saw people who weren’t mentally ill wearing a “mask” over their faces was within hospitals and even then, you generally needed to go into a surgical suite to see it. If you saw someone wearing a “mask” outside of a hospital, your first and entirely reasonable thought was probably, there goes someone with a serious mental problem, such as extreme hypochondria.

But that pathological affliction has been normalized.

Even those of us who aren’t ill often pretend not to see the mentally ill. We pretend to not notice that the 20-something-year-old person manning the cash register at the supermarket is clearly mentally ill. We behave normally around people who are ill, which is – arguably – both foolish and unkind to the ill, in that we are enabling their illness by pretending not to see it.

It is likely we will not see the end of this for years, perhaps decades. Perhaps for as long as any of us currently alive are still breathing. It might take that long for sickness psychosis to die out, like polio. Even after that disease had been cured, you’d still occasionally see polio victims being wheeled around. The damage done to them can’t be undone – and it may be that the damage done to us – as a society – won’t be undone, either.

Some of us will probably be telling our grandchildren about the time before the “pandemic,” when it would have seemed odd to anyone who saw it, to see a person walking around with a “mask” . . . outside of a nuthouse.

. . .

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